Human Rights First founder appointed to State Department

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Official Trip Itinerary

Clinton urges Hamas to end violence

Daily Appointments

Next Trip Officially Announced!

Support for Kosovo, envoy to North Korea and an un...

Daily Appointments

Hillary the Lioness!

Meetings and More Meetings... mixed in with some H...

Joe Scarborough <3 Hillary

More Alex Salmond on Scotland

Daily Appointments

Claire McCaskill tweets about Obama and Hillary!

Hillary attends Obama's First Address to Congress

Today's Important Meetings; Spain may help close G...

Daily Appointments

A Scots first: Salmond meets Clinton

Daily Appointments


State Department Flickr

Last Leg: China, The Final Farewell!

Last Leg: China, Farewell

Hillary Rewind: Human Rights in Beijing 1995

Bill Clinton on Fox News

Last Leg: China

America's first Democat put to sleep :(

Third Stop: South Korea, cont.

Third Stop: South Korea

Second Stop: Indonesia, Day 2

All Hillary's Japanese Interviews below

Hillary Clinton on Awesome

State Magazine!

Chris Matthews somehow manages to turn an award into an insult

Spanish Foreign Minsister to meet with Hillary on ...

Second Stop: Indonesia

Bill is just amazing.

First Stop: Japan, Day 3

Bill talks to Martha Stewart

First Stop: Japan, Day 2

Hillary's First Post to Dipnote

Ask the Secretary!

Bill Clinton talks to CNN about Hillary's trip

First Stop: Japan

Next Trip... Israel?

Chuck Todd: Clinton didn’t know why she wanted to be president

Hillary does Audio Interviews before leaving for h...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Women want Bill... in the House!

Secretary's remarks at the Asia Society

Hillary working to change restrictions for Gays!

Daily Appointments

Old friends meet again

Pantsuit Appreciation- Lookin' like Royalty in Royal Blue

Have a good trip!

An oldie but a goodie

Clinton to name North Korea Envoy.. on Friday? in New York City

Wow, busy day for the Secretary!

Secretary to Send Off Cultural Delegation to India...

Dick Lugar and Hillary have breakfast

Secretary Clinton meets with Czech Republic Minist...

Who wants to work at the State Department? I do, I do!

Let's get down to work!

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