Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bill Clinton on Fox News

Bill did another interview, this time with Fox News. He talked mostly about the stimulus package and his take on the economy; which is what he's been asked about most lately. Here is the transcript of what he said about Hillary:

VAN SUSTEREN: Your wife, the secretary of state, is in Indonesia. And I read that she was on television there, and she was asked her favorite music. She said the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. But then--

CLINTON: She's a child of the '60s.

VAN SUSTEREN: But she declined to sing. Does that surprise you?


VAN SUSTEREN: Why? She can't sing?

CLINTON: Yes, she always joked about how she had trouble carrying a tune. But she likes music. And she -- you know, I got it on all the time at home. And we've got a good sound system, and then I buy these little inexpensive CD players that have really good speakers now.

So I've got -- I have more than 200 saxophone CDs alone. So she has to like music, or she couldn't come in the house, because it's always playing somewhere.

VAN SUSTEREN: It must be fun to watch her on this trip.

CLINTON: Yes. She's doing well, I think. I'm really glad she went to Indonesia. It's the biggest Muslim country in the world, full of promise. I invested a lot of time and effort there.

And now I think they've got a good president. They did a terrific job on that tsunami reconstruction. And I think they can play a major role in our efforts to combat climate change and to build a peaceful future in Asia.

And I was -- I think she did very well there, well in Japan. And I talked to her this morning when she'd just gotten to Korea. So it's going to be -- that'll be an interesting part of her trip, too.

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