Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Alex Salmond on Scotland

After meeting with Hillary monday night, Scotland's Alex Salmond attended the DISCUS’s Scottish heritage event. He sat down and ordered a Mac­allan scotch. He mentioned that he gave Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a bottle of whiskey earlier that afternoon during their meeting. He said that she didn’t take a taste.

He also said that during their meeting, he extended an invitation to visit Scotland this year as it celebrates the 250th birthday of famed Scottish poet Robert Burns. “She’s going to consider that,” Salmond said in his thick brogue.

“She spent many happy visits to Scotland, particularly as a young woman with President Clinton, when they were much younger and were going around to various places without too much money. She was telling me about various adventures they had in Scotland, including getting invited to impromptu ceilidhs.”

Awwww, how cute. I just wanted to post this lil story to invoke images of young Hillary and Bill in Scotland together back in the '70s. I WISH I could find some pics of that!

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PYW said...

I'm sure Hillary will enjoy that whiskey, lol - when she's not on the job.

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