Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Claire McCaskill tweets about Obama and Hillary!

This is so funny to me, partially because I STILL don't understand Twitter fully, but the juicy gossip is that Senator Claire McCaskill "tweeted" about the warm greeting and kiss between Hillary and Obama at tonight's Address.

Looks like I wasn't the only one keeping my eyes on Hillary waiting to see their interaction. Here's the link to Senator McCaskill's Twitter page if your curious:

And here you can watch the "warm greeting" she was referring to. Although, I think it was just a peck on the cheek, I must agree WHAT a difference a year makes. I am SO glad Hillary is in the position she is now as Secretary of State. I think it is awesome and perfect for her... but its still so bittersweet to think about her hopes to stand up there and address the nation. I'm just glad she is doing such great work as Madame Secretary!


Mahlers5th said...

Warm? I saw a wink, a tight-lipped smile and head nod, then he turned away without a word. How about: "Great work in Asia, Hillary"? Maybe she'd already debriefed him earlier in day, but the moment seemed a bit frosty to me. I was glad to see her sit near Gaithner and have a friendly looking interaction with Emanuel who would like nothing better than to freeze her out.

PYW said...

I think she and Emanuel get along fine. If he really didn't like her, he would've endorsed Obama in the primary. As it was, he was the only member of the Illinois congressional delegation not to. He stayed neutral. I know the history between Hillary and Emanuel, but I'm guessing they buried the hatchet a while ago.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, I am not a Obama fan but clearly he kissed & greeted Hillary on his way in AND he also patted her on the shoulder on his out. Yahoo has a picture of him patting her on the way out.
Not to mention that she spent half the day with him at the White house meeting with PM of Japan among others!

PYW said...

I agree, Anonymous.

Sarah said...

I agree, Mahlers5h, I thought it was the same greeting he gave everyone! I was actually hoping for some MORE interaction or something. (although you are right Anonymous, they DID spend the day in the White House together)

But I think EVERYONE was really curious to see them interact in their new roles. So a kiss on the cheek can turn into a whole news story about how they are cold to one another or about how they have this mutual respect. Everyone is fixed on this because well... its so interesting!

I'm curious about the Rahm Emanuel thing, if anyone wishes to elaborate. :) You think they have some issues from way back??

Anonymous said...

I squeed when he leaned in for a kiss. I was expecting another one when he was leaving, but he only gave her a pat on the shoulder. I was a little upset. :( lol But DAMN, Hills looked awesome!!

PYW said...

Sarah, I read that Hillary wanted Rahm fired when he worked for Bill in the White House (or something along those lines), but that they've mended fences since then.

Sarah said...

Thanks PYW- I have heard that before actually but I always wondered if it was true.

Just on a side note. Have you ever seen the Rahm Roast with Hillary?? it's great to see her in this element! watch it! :D

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