Sighting: Bill, Hillary and Chelsea at Cafe Carlyle in NYC

Hillary Clinton: U.S. to give $280 million to Haiti in 2009

Hillary Rodham Clinton lays down the law on pirates

Hillary Clinton gets interactive! Will host a "Digital Town Hall of the Americas"

Bill Clinton also attends Haiti Donors Conference

HBO to make a movie of the 2008 Campaign

Daily Appointments

Hillary Clinton's next trip: Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad and Tobago

Happy Easter

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton hold meeting at W...

Secretary Clinton co-hosts Australia-United States...

Ch-Ch-Ch- Chia Head Hillary!

Spend a day with President Clinton! Really... it C...

Arrg! Hillary takes on pirates... cause someone's ...

Today at Foggy Bottom... a Blue Flower!

Daily Appointments

Hillary's Message on International Roma Day

Today Secretary Clinton signs New U.S. New Zealand...

Hillary Clinton Welcomes International Olympic Com...

Hillary Clinton Interview with Radio Free Europe

Day full of Meetings!

Hillary pushes to protect Arctic-Antarctic region...

Daily Appointments

Hillary is Pink in Prague

E mergency U.N. Security Council Meeting on North ...

Travel: Day Two at NATO

Stewie Griffin takes tips from Maureen Dowd<

Travel: Hillary Arrives at NATO like a Rockstar

For a Good Time call... 1-900-Hillary-Clinton!

Bill Clinton talks about AIDS on MTV

Dr. Carter gives a shout out to Hillary Clinton

Hillary is Layin' Low in the EU

Guess what I got today!

Hillary Clinton to host first Arctic-Antarctic mee...

G20 Meeting Part Two: The Reception

G20 Meeting Part One

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