Sunday, April 05, 2009

E mergency U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea Rocket Launch

Secretary Clinton is working to build international consensus on condemning North Korea's missile launch. Her effort came ahead of an emergency U.N. Security Council session this afternoon. This meeting was prompted by Japan and the U.S.

The rocket that North Korea launched passed over Japan and had two rocket boosters landing in the sea, only 125 miles from Japan's coast.

She is, as we all know, traveling in Europe with President Obama. She spoke by phone today with the foreign ministers of China, Japan and Russia -- three key countries in talks aimed at getting North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons.

The U.S. says the North's launch of what it claimed to be a satellite violates an existing U.N. bar on ballistic missile activity by the communist state. The launch appears to have failed to reach orbit.

No immediate action against North Korea was decided after this emergency meeting for its rocket launch but agreed to continue discussions on what response it should make given the "serious situation."

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