Saturday, April 04, 2009

Travel: Day Two at NATO

A symbolic ceremony was under way today to mark France’s return as a full NATO member and to remember those who have died in NATO-led missions during the alliance’s 60-year history.

NATO leaders were gathering on a footbridge over the Rhine river separating France and Germany, which are both hosting a two-day NATO summit that concludes Saturday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel walked from one side and French President Nicolas Sarkozy walked from the other to meet in the middle and greet each other. The handshake will be a symbol for France rejoining NATO’s military command more than four decades after it left.

A solemn ceremony followed to honor the men and women in uniform who have died in NATO missions and operations over the years.

Then, it’s down to business, with some of the most important discussions of the summit so far.

The meeting in Strasbourg, France, was devoted primarily to NATO’s ongoing operational commitments — and in particular to its engagement in Afghanistan.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and British Foreign Minister David Miliband were in attendance. Hillary sat right between Brown and President Obama.

She spoke with NATO Secretary General General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer at the start of the meeting.

During the meeting, Obama has asked NATO members for more civilian and military assistance. Despite some contributions of police trainers from France and Spain and aircraft from Belgium, NATO members have so far largely been reluctant to contribute more.


Robert Sandy said...

Yet again, stellar pics! Beautiful layout...I love it when Hillary and Barack are huddled together...they make a very good team.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew what's so funny. she seems to have a great time: laughing one moment and very serious in the next minute. The pictures are priceless!

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, does he need her by his side, now more than ever! To think we could have had makes my heart bleed every time I look at these pictures. She is a remarkable woman and he is turning out to be not all that he was hyped up to be, not even close. I don't know how but I hope we can have her in her rightful no. 1 position in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I think the pink background for the comments is a bit too dark and not much contrast -- makes it hard to read.

Anonymous said...

She is not what appears to be but hten nothing ever is.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
Great pictures of Hillary as usual. BO needed Hillary on this trip, no question about that! I am still hoping for 2012 to put her in the #1 position. If she runs, we will have work hard to get her there and I am ready for the task!

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate this site. Based on the MSM, one would not know that Hillary is traveling with BO in Europe

Anonymous said...


This is one of the first sites I check each day.

Thanks for the great work.

I, too, am ready to work hard for Hillary, should she decide to run in 2012.

Nancy in Cali said...

Just gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you.....I can't wait to get to this site.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere Hillary goes she is well-received and has rock-star status- that will only help the US rehabilitate its image after eight years of the Bush administration's cowboy diplomacy.

Great site by the way!

Sarah said...

Thanks to all for the comments! I am glad everyone is enjoying the pics! I love seeing them hard at work.

I agree- that Obama needed Hillary on this trip and I dont think it will be the last time he will rely on her like this either!

Obama realizes her power and popularity around the world. They are both highly respected overseas, and they are doing a great job!

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