Thursday, April 09, 2009

Spend a day with President Clinton! Really... it COULD happen!

All those who are on Hillary's email list from the campaign probably received a message from James Carville today. And if you haven't checked your email, I would immediately!

Carville is helping out his friend Hillary to continue to pay down her campaign debt by offering us a few incentives to contribute. And let me tell you... the top prize is good! Spend a day with President Clinton and follow him around to important top secret meetings!!!

Well, maybe not top secret but ya know... important ones... Let me just say if I win the second prize, check back here, I will be giving it away immediately, first come first serve and crying hysterically that I didn't win the first prize.

Here is the full email with links to contribute:

I knew it was going to take an extraordinary effort to help pay off Hillary Clinton's campaign debt. But now, I think we can do it and have some fun at the same time!

I won't spend a lot of time trying to convince you to help Hillary. I know what she means to you, and I'm sure you know how important it is for her to have her campaign pay off all its obligations.

So let's get to the fun part -- enter today to win one of three truly once in a lifetime opportunities and you will also be doing something great to help finish off Hillary's debt.

With a contribution today, one of these exclusive prizes could be yours:

* Spend a day with President Clinton. Head to New York City to attend several interesting events with President Clinton followed by your own special New York City weekend.

* Attend the American Idol season finale. You and a guest will watch live as the American Idol judges make their final comments and decisions on this year's most anticipated season finale!

* Want to talk politics with me? How about a spending a weekend in DC. You will have lunch with me and my great friend Paul Begala. We will talk about politics, you will get to tour all the amazing sites DC has to offer and who knows what else could happen!

Make a contribution today and you could be on your way to one of these once in a lifetime opportunities!

Your contribution today not only gives you the chance at winning one of these fantastic prizes - it'll also help our dear friend, Hillary Clinton, pay off the very last of her campaign debt.

This means a whole lot to Hillary, and I know she appreciates everything you do for her.

These amazing prizes are only being offered online and are available only for a limited time - so please don't delay in acting today.


James Carville

P.S. This is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to win one of three amazing prizes AND to help Hillary pay off her debt. I hope you'll seize it. Click here to enter today!


Mahlers5th said...

Sarah, do you know if someone who maxed out on contributions during the primary season can donate now?

Sarah said...

what do you mean, maxed out? you can max out?!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what I wouldn't give to follow President Clinton's sweet @$$ all over New York.

PYW said...

I'm with Anonymous, lol.

Sarah said...

"Wow, what I wouldn't give to follow President Clinton's sweet @$$ all over New York."

ha! omg that would be dangerous xD

Anonymous said...

Give me that danger! GIVE ME THAT DANGER!

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