Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bill Clinton also attends Haiti Donors Conference

Bill Clinton was also in attendance at the Haiti Donors Conference today in Washington. He spoke in the afternoon I think so alas, no photos of Hillary and Bill together.


Still4Hill said...

This is so weird. It's like they can't be seen together officially. Like they have to sneak around as if no one should know they - OMG - SLEEP TOGETHER!

Jackie said...

Lol, i wish there were more pics of them together, they are a very attractive couple.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed there are no pix of them together. But I must say I do like the ones of Bill posted here. He is just so hot!

PYW said...


They were seen holding hands the other day, lol. But no pix. They prefer sneaking around. :-)


Anonymous said...

PYW, thanks for that link! That's so cute how they were holding hands. AWWWWWW. <3 I wish there were pics.

Sarah said...

awesome find! i love stuff like this!

Still4Hill said...

How adorable is that?

That pre-nup the Obama vetters demanded is why Bill and Hill need to be careful at events like this. Keeping Romeo and Juliet apart could blow up in their faces.

Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary seem to be making the best of it by having an illicit affair with each other.

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