Friday, April 03, 2009

Travel: Hillary Arrives at NATO like a Rockstar

Well, Secretary Clinton has been out and about Europe today rockin' two fabulous outfits!

Early this morning she attended a U.S.-French meeting earlier at the Palais Rohan in Strasbourg, in eastern France. President Obama and Michelle Obama were also in attendance as well as France's President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

France rolled out all the pomp possible for the U.S.-France visit, including a red carpet arrival! And Hillary rolled in looking like a f#@*ing rockstar! I love love love the hot pink pantsuit with the matching sunglasses and lipstick.

There was also full military honors from a company of soldiers dressed in camouflage at the majestic 18th-century Rohan Palace, once home to the bishops of Alsace. Church bells pealed at the stroke of noon from the nearby Strasbourg cathedral, while helicopters helping ensure security droned overhead.

Hillary met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel before the formal start of the summit at a dinner at the German resort spa of Baden-Baden. Also in attendance was French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and France's special envoy for Afghanistan. A sign that Afghanistan issues would likely come up for discussion.

After this was the 60th-anniversary NATO summit. The summit takes place today and Saturday in Strasbourg and the neighboring German cities of Baden-Baden and Kehl.

Items on the packed agenda of the two-day summit include starting work on a new doctrine that will define the alliance's role and values in the 21st century and choosing a new secretary-general. The leaders will formally welcome France back into NATO's military wing after a 43-year absence, a largely symbolic move championed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. They will also welcome two new members from the Balkans, Albania and Croatia joined NATO this week.

Although NATO leaders have emphasized that the meeting Friday and Saturday must be more than just a birthday celebration, no major breakthroughs are expected on key issues facing the alliance.

The two-day conference co-hosted by the Rhine river cities of Strasbourg and Kehl, Germany is the second of three major international meetings taking place in Europe this week.

Secretary Clinton said securing new commitments from allies would neither begin nor end with the NATO meetings, noting that nations need more time to digest Obama's week-old revamped Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy. "The NATO summit is not a pledging conference, but of course we will be talking about how our allies can match their resources to the needs identified in the strategic review," she told reporters.

Those resources are not necessarily combat troops, she stressed, in a conference call with reporters covering the president's trip to Europe. "I think we're trying to focus on what we think will work, and what we believe will work is moving as quickly as it feasible to having security taken over by the Afghans themselves," she said.


Let's Hang said...
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Jackie said...

Hillary always looks so beautiful. She has the best smile. That pink is definately her color.

Sherry said...

I love your site - visit every day!

Isn't it fun to see pics of Hillary in the middle of a group of important men and the way they all look at her as if they could devour her with a spoon?! She's an enchantress! You have to wonder how Bill feels about all those goofy gents hanging about his wife... heh

Anonymous said...

Definitely great pictures, love the sunglasses!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Hillary looks HOTTTT in pink. The other silk strip thing is not bad either. I wish it had better shape and a little softer drape.

Anyone notice this in most of the pictures -- she is the only woman and the men have adoring looks! I wish we had Hillary in No. 1 position.

Anonymous said...

love the necklace and the sun if we can only get rid of the forever black pants.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Fantastic as always!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen Hill in sunglasses, she looks great. Loved the necklace she wore with the Hot pink suit. FABULOUS HILL.

Nancy in Cali said...

NO STRIPES!!! Pink all the way...

Sarah said...

Yes, I love when she is the only woman around and she is gleaming in her bright colored pantsuit. It really makes her stand out!

Awww... Nancy, the stripes are kinda cute... haha but the pink is incredibly fab

Thanks for all the comments! Hillary truly deserves those great remarks!

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