Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hillary Clinton on Awesome

Yesterday Luna Maya, the presenter of Indonesia's highest rated music television show, got a 20 minute interview with The Secretary of State. Wow! The show is called "Dahsyat!" Which literally translates to "Awesome."

The show aired live from the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta at 9 a.m. The hotel reconstructed the pool to make a temporary mini studio for the show. There were a few other Indonesian celebrities on the show including pop princess Agnes Monica, composer Melly Goleslaw, award winning director Nia Dinata. There were introduced to the Secretary as the country's most talented women artists.

For the host, Luna Maya, this was the most memorable day in her life she said. "Truly incredible. Just imagine, for me, who is not a news anchor, interviewed Madame Hillary. It's a big thing for me... I'm a big fan of Hillary Clinton." She said before the interview she was extremely nervous, but as the interview went on she got at ease because Hillary easily broke the ice.

Luna asked Hillary about what kind of music she liked. "The old classics. The Beatles and Rolling Stones." Clinton also mentioned that Bill, can work and concentrate while listening to hard rock and jazz. But not her. She has to have classical music on when she concentrates.

At the end of the show Clinton was asked to do a little singing. Now that would definitely of made International headlines! She laughed and joked, "See all these people, they will leave if I sing."

Tristram Perry, the Public Diplomacy Officer covering broadcast media at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, posted a blog about this on Dipnote. Worth the read!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome is right!!! I wish she had sung a song, though.

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