Friday, February 13, 2009

Women want Bill... in the House!

When asked in a new poll what Hillary Clinton should do with Bill, more women chose making him her house hubby than anything else.

Here is the question: "If Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could pick any job for her husband, former President Bill Clinton, what would it be?"

House husband - 37%

Formalize his Africa-AIDS/HIV work by making him an ambassador - 35%

Team up with Hill to be a chief envoy for boosting America's image abroad - 25%

Head of the PGA - 3%

Now, I definitely do love me some Bill and I really do enjoy the thought of him sitting at home waiting patiently for his wife to come home so he can rub her feet after a looong day.. buuuut that's NOT gonna happen. Hillary wouldn't allow it! And I think Bill would be a sad little house husband. Although I do think sometimes she wishes he would just go away (hello, remember her campaign?) she knows all too well that his humanitarian efforts are much needed around the world.


Anonymous said...

lmao at those pics of Bill!

Annie said...

If you are referring to Bill's linking Obama's SC win and Jackson's as a " racist" comment...well, Jackson himself repudiated that idea.

And Obama's campaign was going to label the Clinton's as "racist" whatever they said or did. It was key in thier campaign, as the famous internal memo shows

Bill's ceaseless campaigning for Hill in the rural areas HELPED her immeasurable, particularly in TX. The press wanted her to tell Bill to stay home, exactly because he was helping her. But Hillary was too smart for them, per usual.

Sarah said...

No No, I wasn't referring that specifically at all. I was more referring the the negative press coverage in general that came with Bill. I've always thought that the actual PEOPLE, not the PUNDITS, love Bill and loved when he was out there stumping for her. The press loved it for a different reason: to spin a negative story.

It's sad to me to think back to that time and how unfair the press was. I agree with you on that! So, I cope by laughing it off thinking that Hillary would yell at Bill anytime he spoke to the media during her campaign... but I'm sure that never really happened.

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