Monday, February 23, 2009


From the great people that brought you the "Where do women want Bill?" poll... see post here... I now present to you the: "Which Female Politician Would Run The Best Daycare" Poll. Our options: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, or Nancy Pelosi? WTF.

First of all, clay Hillary is NOT wearing a pantsuit. Soooo, they fail in my eyes RIGHT there. Second, Sarah Palin's daycare is in the lead. WTF? I mean, if we're gonna go there... it's Hillary hands down. If anything, my kids would come outta daycare knowing a shit-ton about foreign policy. That's for sure!

But the real issue here is why is it assumed that since they are women they need to take care of children? All of these ladies, and yes, Sarah Palin included, have done great things in their lives and been both successful career women AND mothers. But of course we have to remind them that since they have a uterus, they must take care of babies and run a daycare, not a country.

Hmmm.... Why isn't there a poll on which male Senator you'd want to fix your car? or which male Senator can bench the most? or which male Senator is most likely to have erectile dysfunction? (1. John Kerry 2. Evan Bayh 3. Lindsay Graham)

All in all, this poll is silly and I think we all know that the best daycare would be if they ALL teamed up... afterall, it does Take a Village, right? :)


Hillary Clinton Army said...

I agree. What were they thinking not putting Hillary in a pantsuit?
Also, I agree they should include men, and I'd pick Obama because I imagine swimming and icecream cones.

Sarah said...

haha! yea swimming and ice cream cones and sandcastles at the beach, for some reason, says Obama to me.

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