Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last Leg: China, The Final Farewell!

Hillary made one last stop to talk to the people of Asia before leaving to return to Washington. She made a brief visit to the Yokota Airbase in western Tokyo, where she greeted around 300 U.S. servicemen and women along with their family members. She gave a speech to a cheering crowd.

“Our message ... is the United States is ready and eager to lead. We know that we cannot solve all the problems of the world by ourselves, but it's unlikely the world can solve most of its problems without us.”

She has said previously that U.S. President Barack Obama's administration wants to balance defense, diplomacy and development in a subtle blend of “smart power,” as compared with George W. Bush's emphasis on military might, and she reiterated that here.

“There is no guarantee as to what will happen in the future, is there? We cannot predict where any of us will be in the next day, year, certainly decade — but what we can do is be prepared, and be as smart as possible in trying to make sure that the future is as good as it can be. We are all about smart power in America.

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