Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chris Matthews somehow manages to turn an award into an insult

Yea, I almost couldn't believe it when I heard that Chris Matthews gave away his fifth Hardball Award to Hillary Clinton.

"To Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for grace under fire, personal moxie, courage, and for a bit of timely humility. For most of all the willingness to serve our country over self. We salute you. And I salute you."

A bit of timely humility??? oh please! what is he on? Ok, I think I figured it out... Now that she's not running for President anymore he really respects what she's doing for our country. Now that she is working for Obama, she's non-threatening. The award is "the first to go to a woman for displaying the arts and science of smart human behavior." So, not only does he offend Hillary with his crappy award, he offends all WOMEN. What a toolbox!

Chris Matthews, I have an award for you: The You-Can-Suck-It-You-Hypocritical-Botox-Faced-I-Cant-Talk-Without-Spitting-All-Over-The-Place-Woman-Hating-Ahole Award :D

Ok Ok enough wasting my breath...


Nancy in Cali said...

matthews is a SEXIST PIG.

Anonymous said...

I seriously think he's so cute, just the way he talks and laughs. But whenever I hear him being mean to Hillary, I feel guilty for liking him. :(
But of course, Hillary > Chris.

ladypuma2 said...

If anybody needs to show some "timely humility" it would have to be Matthews himself and his best bud- Keith O.

Love your blog BTW.

PYW said...

So when Hillary ran for president she was putting self ahead of country, but when Obama ran he was doing the reverse.

Just another in a thousand double standards Hillary faced/faces.

Anonymous said...

Matthews can Kiss My A$$.

Anonymous said...

ugh, what a jerk.

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