Monday, February 16, 2009

First Stop: Japan, Day 2

So Tuesday in Japan, which is actually today over here... confusing, I know... Hillary Clinton had a busy day.

She first visited Meiji Shrine (Meiji Jingu) which is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji (1852-1912) and his consort Empress Shoken. Nuclear envoy Christopher Hill accompanied her to the visit.

Led to the shrine by Shinto priests, she participates in a traditional Shinto ritual for purification which includes a washing of the hand before entering. While taking a tour of the Shrine she greets traditional Japanese dancers, without her shoes I must add, meets and shakes hands with priests and priestesses, makes and offering of prayers, tastes sake and signs her name and title in a visitor book. She also took part in a ceremony at the shrine, dedicated to the father of modern Japan Emperor Meiji, where the priest stressed balance and harmony.

"It's not only a good concept for religious shrines, it's a good concept for America's role in the world. "We need to be looking to create more balance, more harmony," she said.

“We’re going to be listening but we’re also going to be asking for more partnerships to come together to try to work with us to handle the problems that none of us can handle alone. These are hard times economically for the Japanese people, just as it is in many places around the world. I am absolutely confident we will navigate our way through these difficulties.

After the visit to the shrine she held a series of talks with Japanese leaders including Japanese Minister of Defense Yasukazu Hamada and Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone. At the Iikura Guesthouse, Hillary Clinton and Minister for Japan's Foreign Affairs Hirofumi Nakasone signed an agreement finalizing the transfer of 8,000 U.S. Marines from the southern island of Okinawa to Guam by 2014. This was followed by a joint news conference where the Secretary once again put much focus on North Korea. She says a possible missile launch would be "very unhelpful in moving our relationship forward." She repeated an offer of aid and renewed ties if there was a "complete and verifiable denuclearisation" of the state.

Watch a video clip of her speech at the news conference here.

Next up on the grand tour of Japan is a scheduled meeting with the leader of the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan, Ichiro Ozawa, tea with the Japanese empress and a meeting with families of Japanese citizens who were abducted decades ago by North Korean agents.

p.s.- Hillary is again wearing my new favorite color on her, Royal Blue! Yay for bright blue pantsuits!


Anonymous said...

what a great story and pix. You missed the one from Rach Maddow show with the awesome coat lining.

Annie said...

why would you have links to an anti-hillary site like huff po? you do know Huffingtons first site was about impeaching bill clinton, don't you? Surely you watched the primary and saw what the huff po wrote about hillary. No way you are a real hillary supporter. MSNBC too? gimme a break.

Sarah said...

Thanks ittizliz! I did see that on Maddow. The coat was really gorgeous! I love how that was the first thing she commented on, not anything about North Korea or Japan's economy... it was all about the coat!

Here's the link:

Sarah said...

Hey Annie-

One of the first things I wanted to be clear about when starting this little blog is that I am no Sarah Palin-loving, right-wing, anti-woman, gun slingin', supporter. I am firmly against the republican political position. I believe in Hillary's positions and liberal left leaning democratic politics.

I DO realize that the Huff Post and MSNBC have a lot of anti-Hillary correspondents and reporters and I hate most of them. Just as an aside, while in DC for the Inauguration I heckled and insulted Chris Matthew's to his face about his anti-Hillary stance. (and by to his face I mean... from ten feet away I yelled it at him)

I watched MSNBC, CNN, even FOX news religiously through all of the campaign and EVERY single station was anti-Hillary! It was/is so frustrating for me and I'm sure for others, that she is not held in as high a regard as she should and that basically the MSM jumps at the chance to crap all over her. But nonetheless, I watched and read all cable news. The good and the bad. I wanted to know what everyone on the left was saying regardless that they were/are all in the can for Obama.

My goal for my blog is to link to tons of liberal news media outlets that I can find that has a page about Hillary or a large section dedicated to her. I have only just begun as this blog is still in newborn stage. When you type Hillary Clinton into FOX news search toolbar you cant even get to a Hillary page. In fact, Id really love to hear about other news outlets where you can get some real solid hillary support that I can link to in my blog instead of only MSM stuff.

Even though Im a bit offended, thanks for listening and I am glad that you commented. I enjoy a good debate about politics and I'm glad you take an interest enough to call me out on this. But its just wrong to question my true Hillary love without even knowing me, or what I did for her campaigns, both presidential and senatorial.

Thanks and I hope you continue reading.

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