Thursday, October 08, 2009

Travel: Hillary Clinton embarks on overseas trip to Europe and Russia

Don't Forget! Tomorrow marks the first day of Secretary Clinton's 12th trip out of the United States as Secretary of State. She will travel to London, Dublin, Belfast, and Moscow from October 9 to 15, 2009. Read my previous posts on her trip here!

In London and Dublin, Secretary Clinton will engage in a series of discussions on a wide range of bilateral, transatlantic, and global issues. In Belfast, the Secretary will emphasize the U.S. commitment to the joint economic prosperity of Northern Ireland and the United States, as well as reaffirming unwavering U.S. support for Northern Ireland’s peace process.

In Moscow, the Secretary will meet with senior Russian officials to discuss progress on a successor agreement to START, cooperation on nonproliferation and counterterrorism, and next steps for the Clinton-Lavrov commission.

Woot, Woot! I love when the SOS travels, interesting that she is to be traveling on October 11th. Anyone know what October 11th is in Hillaryland?

For a hint, click the READ MORE link!!


Anonymous said...

Their anniversary? Gee, I hope the media wouldn't speculate the state of their marriage again.

Queen ''E'' #3 said...

what American and fellow Hillary lover would forget their anniversary !!!!

Stacy said...

Man, she was BRILLIANT in Zurich with that last minute save of the Turkey-Armenia agreement- she's getting major kudos all over the world.

Methinks the Nobel Committee gave the wrong person the prize ;)

tough cookie said...

The nobel commitee most definitly gave the wrong person the prize - Obama doesn't deserve it at all.

Hillary rocked it in Zurich ( ..I didn't expect anything less from her)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hilary wouldn't be in her position if the President, Barack Obama hadn't offered it and her husband hadn't talked her into accepting it. Even though those on this site overlook it, she had the star qualities and the smarts to do very well as Sec. of State. So knock off the negativity and try and see the good for once!

Stevie Lee said...

Hillary is the only politician that I have ever beleived. She has been unfairly maligned, after dedicating her life to helping the less fortunate. I would gladly take a bullet for her, and I wish she could be elected President for Life.

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