Monday, May 04, 2009

Hillary Clinton takes a sick day

As soon as I saw this in my email, I knew it meant trouble:

Daily Appointments Schedule for May 4, 2009


Turns out Hillary stayed in New York today to get some rest. She was clearly sick at the end of last week. So, I think we are all glad that she is FINALLY taking a day off! If you saw the videos from this previous post, you will see what I'm talking about.

According to State Department Spokesman Robert Wood, her schedule for the day was pretty light. She was due to meet with Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt as well as his Armenian counterpart Edouard Nalbandian. Both meetings have been rescheduled for Tuesday.

Here is what went down at the press briefing this morning:

QUESTION: My understanding is the Secretary is not in today, taking a sick day. Can you bring us up to date on how she’s feeling, whether she expects to be back tomorrow?

MR. WOOD: She’ll be back tomorrow. The Secretary, as I mentioned I think on Friday, suffers from mild allergies. Her schedule for today was going to be a light one. Her morning appointments are able to – we were able to reschedule them for tomorrow. She had a light – I don’t think any appointments in the afternoon. So she’s just recovering from the allergies, and she’ll be back tomorrow.

QUESTION: Does that mean she’s still in New York now, today?

MR. WOOD: I believe she’s in New York, yes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah and all.
I'm glad Hillary is resting and recovering from her allergies.She deserves to rest at least when she's sick.I wish she will be just fine and ready as always for tomorrow.We'll praying for you Hillary; we love you very much; God bless you our inspiration Lady!

Sarah said...

hey VeyryCalif! yea it was good to hear that the SOS was finally taking a day off... i am sure tomorrow she will be up and working away

adugan said...

saw an article on HV that Hillary had not read a book or watched tv in 100 days and communicates with her daughter mostly in emails.

that would suck. they are sooo close. although she worked really hard in the primaries she saw chelsea in person some.

obama has more leisure and family time.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit worried about Hillary! She is such a workaholic, and she's just trying to do so much. I believe it when she says she loves the job, but I also believe she would like nothing better than to prove to all the naysayers just how effective she can be, and to prove to critics that she's a powerful leader in her own right. She has been going at a pace that must exhaust her. I would love for her to take at least a week or two off if that would be possible.

PYW said...

I think Hillary will achieve more of a balance in the next few months between work and a need for relaxation. I imagine these first three-plus months have been a crash course for her in a number of ways. I read somewhere that she and Bill are likely vacationing in Martha's Vineyard in August. I certainly hope so! She deserves it.

Jackie said...

I am glad she took it easy today. I missed seeing her on T.V., but am happy she is resting, and hopefully she will have recovered from her allergies.

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