Monday, May 04, 2009

NBC's Andrea Mitchell fawns over Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

If you haven't already heard the news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's approval ratings are through the roof, I mean, surpassing President Obama's approval ratings... I mean, the highest approval ratings she has EVER HAD in her ENTIRE CAREER... well, if you haven't heard, then get ready cause I'm telling you now!

Recent polls show Secretary Clinton with a whopping job approval rating of 71% as secretary of state, while the new President is at 65%.

News reports are popping up everywhere praising the new Secretary of State. NY Daily News quoted Elliot Abrams, former member of the National Security Council of former President George W. Bush and staff member in Ronald Reagan's State Department, saying Hillary is "using her political talents in the building. She's talking to people; she's nice to people. Morale is good."

They also reported that she is getting along very well with Secretary Gates, which hasn't been the case in the last Administration. Unlike former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld, who was barely civil to Bush Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Robert Gates had Clinton's back at a Senate hearing last week.

"I couldn't agree with you more," Gates said repeatedly as Clinton rattled off talking points.

And they do not fail to mention the lack of Bill Clinton. They are reporting that Bill is actually helping her image by "stifling, somewhat, his yen for headlines." What do you guys think? Is this "lack of Bill" good for her career? As much as I love Bill, I'm glad he is out of the spotlight a bit... thoughts?

This morning on the Today Show, NBC's Andrea Mitchell hails Hillary Clinton as a "Foreign Policy Superstar!" She gushed on and on about the Secretary of State's new "role of a lifetime," and cheered Clinton on having the "highest approval ratings of any time in her career."

Of course, Hillary has always been a champion, but let me tell you, I am so glad that the media is giving her the credit she is due. She has been nothing if not a team player and a hard worker. Andrea Mitchell mentions how Hillary just seems to glow as SOS and I couldn't agree more. This job is a perfect fit for her and I couldn't be happier with the job that she is doing.

Watch the full Today Show report with Andrea Mitchell below:


Anonymous said...

Andrea Mitchell was one of the most biased "against" HRC not so long ago! I lost respect for her lack of objectivity at that time. Why is everyone so surprised that Hillary is a "team" player?!?! She earned the rep of being a team player while in the Senate. Both Dems and Reps respected her work ethic, and her ability to work across party lines.

PYW said...

I agree completely. The only reason Mitchell is gushing now is because she believed the caricature of Hillary the MSM has been pushing for years. So naturally she would be shocked that the real Hillary is nothing like that. I have no respect for her, no matter what tune she's singing now.

Jackie said...

I agree! I could not stand to hear or watch Andrea Mitchell, but now she still has her little snide comments every now & then, but not as often. True Hillary believers knew she was & is a team player. Hillary is doing a wonderful job.

Nancy in Cali said...

these pundits that NOW like her after months and months of dragging her through the mud have no credibility in my opinion....I suppose we should all be jumping up and down for joy..."oh look andrea likes Hillary!!! Chris Matthews likes Hillary!!!" I can't help but wonder if the ONLY reason they like her NOW is because she's in a more "subserviant" position to the Pres that gave them tingles up their legs.....

stacy said...

Many in the media had such low expectations of her based upon their own bias that while their current positive commentary is a nice change of pace, at the same time, it's kind of condescending to all of us, particularly Hillary. And keep in mind, they could also turn on her in a minute- they build people up only to tear them down.

But never mind the media- HRC has 71% approval and that means that most people see the good she is doing, regardless of what the dingbats in the media say.

Anonymous said...

The likes of Andrea, Chris, Keith, Campbell(ugh.), and the list goes on and on...would like nothing more than for Bill/Hillary to make a misstep so the media could be all over them for a nice little ratings jump.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Bill has decided to walk in the shadows a bit. Although I have the biggest crush on him (!), his love for headlines could be seen as detremental to Hillary's career. And nobody wants that.
Kudos to Hillary for doing what can only be described as a stellar job. We're all proud of her.

PYW said...

Bill is as busy as he's always been with his foundation, but that's largely flying under the media radar, which is fine with me. We here all know how much good his foundation does in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all:
I don't watch MSNBC any more; I don't care what they talk about; they're all about BO all the they long; I only watched them yesterday when they said about the Hillary's ratings; and as you all said we know who the real Hillary is and it is not a surprise all the hard work she's doing and how talented and nice she is.We love you Hillary; we're glag you're back ! Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Hillary has always been a super star but was not given any credit by the media because she running against ( and actually won) their guy! Anyone who is informed through research and reading (not watching) is aware of Hillary's strong work ethic, commitment to country, intense intellect and graciousness is not surprised by her high approval ratings!

Anonymous said...

Suddenly we give a shit about the media's opinion? AllthingsHillary is nothing but a bunch of obots trying to get Hillary supporters to like OFUCKTARD!

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