Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hillary Clinton on Foreign Affairs Day

Hillary Clinton also gave the keynote address at a town hall meeting at plenary session of Foreign Affairs Day.
"I see our work as really based on principled and pragmatic partnerships. Bill Burns referenced how we are trying to tend, once again, a lot of the important relationships that we have in the world, while we reach out and deal with the crises and the opportunities...

We’ve reinforced our relationships with key allies and historic partners in Europe and Asia. We’ve engaged emerging nations and pivotal regional actors on issues of common concern, from climate change and energy, to democracy and good governance, and regional and global security.

We know very well that the work we’ve done so far to strengthen our relationships throughout this hemisphere and around the world are just a beginning. We don’t have any illusions about how challenging the environment is that we are navigating. But we are encouraged by the positive responses that we have received to date.

As I have traveled on behalf of our country, we have been heartened by the positive outreach that many who had either withdrawn or become somewhat adversarial are willing to evidence. And we’ve worked closely with the White House and the Defense Department on strategic reviews of Afghanistan and Pakistan, of Iraq. We’re trying to chart the best course forward of the Middle East and to deal with the difficulties presented by Iran."

She also took questions from the audience. Including one question from one of her former students at the University of Arkansas Law School in the legal clinic. Hillary's response to that: "Wow." haha!

A questioner made a comment about Lou Dobbs and she also took that as an opportunity to make a dig at him! Pretty funny. It went like this:

QUESTION: I nominate the concept of global governance, which I know that Anne-Marie Slaughter knows a lot about, and which was proposed back in the late ‘90s when you were in the White House by the UN Commissioner on Global Governance. I believe it still has a lot of very good proposals that probably need to be updated, but recommend to you, considering global governance, as that concept for this Administration. Thank you.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I can just imagine what Lou Dobbs will say about that. (Laughter.)

QUESTION: You know what? Who cares about Lou Dobbs? (Laughter.)

SECRETARY CLINTON: I agree with that.

Read full remarks here. Watch the full 40 min remarks here or watch 15 min clip below:

She also spoke at the American Foreign Service Association's Memorial Plaque Ceremony

Read full remarks here or watch below:


Stacy said...

Ha! I loved her swipe at xenophobe Lou Dobbs! I watched his show last night and sure enough, he brought it up multiple times! It clearly bothered him. Too funny!

Jackie said...

It makes me happy to see her happy, but i can't help but cry with her when i see her, cry or get emotional. She is doing a wonderful job. I am so proud of her.

Anonymous said...

The Lou Dobbs comment was funny, but I can't help but remember Lou being one of the only "objective" ones on CNN during the primary. He actually said he had never before seen the likes of such bias in the media against one candidate(HRC), and for another(BO).

Hillary gave a moving statement to the family of the fallen foreign service officer. It almost made me cry just watching her. Her supporters know she is very compassionate. I only wish those who cling to the "Rush Limbaugh bottled image" of her, knew the real Hillary.

Sarah said...

interesting what you said about Lou Dobbs during the campaign. i never watch him cos i think hes boring and i dont agree his positions on things... so that is a surprise to me!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sarah, Lou was one of the few on CNN who offered balance. There were numerous occasions when he pointed out extreme bias in the primary. I use to blog incessantly on the political blogs, and many of us HRC supporters had to give praise to Lou for his guts to say something, at times, even about CNN.

Nancy in Cali said...

I Love Her!!!

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