Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hillary Clinton does NOT have swine flu... DOES have mild allergies.

If you have been watching some of the videos of Secretary Clinton speaking from Friday, you can tell by her voice that she is a bit sick. And I guess members of the press are stupid enough to think that she may have the swine flu. Really now?
QUESTION: This is slightly odd, but the Secretary, in her two appearances this morning, appeared to be a little ill. Is she suffering from a cold or something? And I ask only because of the whole swine flu thing and the fact that she was in Mexico in March and the fact that a member of the – one member of the President’s delegation did come down with it.

MR. WOOD: Matt, you’ll be happy to know it’s just mild allergies. She suffers from mild allergies. That’s all it is.

I mean, I am glad it's not the swine flu but what did that person think Robert Wood was gonna say? "Oh yes, actually, Secretary Clinton DOES INDEED have the swine flu."


Anonymous said...

Two “probable cases” of swine flu infection in Virginia were announced Friday by the state’s health commissioner, Karen Remley.
The video from the scene:
swine flu infection-news!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't recall hearing that Hillary ever suffered with allergies. She's bound to be exhausted, and perhaps her immune system is compromised. She is trying to do so much. I wish she'd get more rest.

Meg said...

LOL For just this time, I wish he would have been like, "Why yes. The Secretary does have the SWINE FLU!"

The reaction would be priceless!

Stacy said...

Meg- can you imagine the press reaction, particularly if he (Wood) then said something like "oh, and all of you on the plane with her in and after Mexico, it's quarantine time for you!

I'm not trying to make light of the people who are sick or died, but sometimes humor is a way to cope...

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