Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Secretary Hillary Clinton honored at the Amsterdam News 100th Anniversary Celebration

Monday night, after the days events, Secretary Clinton attended the Amsterdam News 100th Anniversary Celebration at the Lincoln Center in New York City. During this ceremony Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Robert Kennedy, William Lynch, and Hon. Charles B. Rangel were honored.

Bill Clinton was by her side, as she socialized with many at the party, danced and dined.

She also gave a speech (in which I am looking for a transcript!) where Hillary herself said, "Yes, this time it's true! My daughter is engaged!" Watch the clip of this here!

P.S. - Anyone else think Hillary looked schwasted? Love it!


Anonymous said...

She must've been drunk yesterday! That would explain all the lovey dovey action! LOL

AJHalliwell said...

Hmm, bet when she saw the woman in the 6th picture she thought: "Whew! That was a close one, I almost wore that exact outfit too! That would've been embarassing..."

Lucy said...

They´re so cute together. I´m not sure is she has been drunk, but it doesn´t matter. She works very hard every day and she deserves some enjoyable time with Bill.

Sarah said...

copious amounts of alcohol definitely explains the lovey dovey action! haha

and o.m.g. AJ, THAT would be hilarious!

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