Monday, November 30, 2009

Bill and Hillary Clinton catch a post-Thanksgiving Matinee in NYC

So what were America's top power couple doing to celebrate Thanksgiving this year? Well, the day after they spent the afternoon at the Helen Hayes Theatre for a matinee of the fast-paced comedy 39 Steps in New York City.

The two went backstage where a surprise reunion awaited. Get this: current 39 Steps understudy Nisi Sturgis’ grandfather is Bill’s former mentor. Bill Clinton even made the decision to run for president in his backyard! There were hugs all around when the Clinton's discovered the now grown-up Sturgis during their visit, a heart-warming moment which cast members Sean Mahon, Jill Paice, Jeffrey Kuhn and Arnie Burton patriotically joined.

Nisi Sturgis is pictured above with Bill. She apparently was stunned she ran into Bill Clinton on her professional stomping grounds, as was Bill. "This girl's grandfather changed my life 35 years ago!" Clinton happily declared to onlookers.


Anonymous said...

Hi to all:

I love Hillary and always will, but I don't like Bill. I think she could have a lot of men who would die for her, love her and respect her.She deserves the best.But that's my opinion and I'm sure she doesn't feels the same way. God bless you Hillary.

Hugh Shevlin said...

Hillary is really a woman of knowledge and passion. I really idolized and believe in her capabilities.

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