Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ann Curry reeeally wants Hillary Clinton to feel "marginalized"

While Secretary Hillary Clinton was in Zurich, she found time to sit down with Ann Curry of ABC for an interview. However, in my own opinion, instead of asking worthwhile questions, Curry brings up a stupid op-ed written in the Washington Post about the "marginalization of Hillary Clinton". Haven't we gone over this here, and here and here, many, many times before??

Can someone please tell me WHO wrote these questions for our Secretary? ALL of them completely irrelevant to ANYTHING that she is embarking on. Get ready, I'm stepping up on my soapbox... How about instead of asking the "highest ranking women in the United States" how she feels about being "marginalized", you ask her about the plight of all women across the nation and the world? Or how about asking what she is planning to do in Europe and Russia in the upcoming days? Hmmm, didn't uh cross your mind there?? No? What about asking about the marginalization of women in Afghanistan and what Hillary thinks about that? If you really want to know what she thinks, and create some headlines in the meantime, you can at least ask her about health care!

Let me know if I am freaking out over nothing here. I did enjoy the interview simply because I love how Hillary just gives this look like "are you kidding me?" It's pretty great, worth the watch!

Oh yea, and she also said she wouldn't run for President again... I'm just pretending that I didn't hear that part. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. La, la, la, la, laaaa...

Read her full remarks here or watch the video below:


Anonymous said...

haha. I'm totally la la la'ing the last part as well.

Anonymous said...

good strategy. lets all plug our ears and hum reeeaally loudly over than part.

Anonymous said...

I'm lala'ing with you here.

Stacy said...

Curry did a horrible job- I give Hillary a lot of credit for keeping her cool.

Even if Hillary was going to run again- and I'd love her to- she could hardly say that! And the media know it but they keep asking to try to generate a headline for themselves. It's really lame.

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