Monday, August 24, 2009

Photo: Hillary and Bill Clinton have cocktails in Bermuda

Well, finally got the scoop on the Bill and Hillary Clinton's weekend getaway. And it looks like Hillary de-pantsuited during her vacation!!

According to Michael J. Winfield, President and CEO of Cambridge Beaches, the two arrived at the resort late on Tuesday evening and had intended to stay until Saturday. But as posted earlier, their visit was cut short due to Hurricane Bill and they chose to fly home to Washington on Thursday night. Mr. Winfield said:

"I can tell you that both President and Secretary Clinton expressed their sincere appreciation for being afforded the opportunity to relax and not be disturbed. As everyone is very aware they lead enormously stressful and taxing lives and rarely see much time to just, simply, relax.

While at Cambridge, they were remarkably open and were often seen around the property, enjoying breakfast with other guests on our Tamarisk Terrace, lunch at Shutters, swimming on one of our beaches and a private candlelight dinner on the occasion of President Clinton's 63rd birthday.

They interacted with guests and seemed relaxed and were always incredibly open and welcoming. It was truly a pleasure for us to host them for their stay. President Clinton played golf on the newly refurbished Port Royal course on Thursday morning and returning declared it to be 'fabulous' and that he had much enjoyed his round.

I am told that a very good score may have further boosted his enjoyment!"

Wow, for only being there two days, it sounds like they did a lot! Candlelight dinner, swimming, golf, not to mention, also meeting with Premier Ewart Brown and his wife Wanda, Governor Sir Richard Gozney, Lady Gozney and newly appointed US Consul General to Bermuda Grace Shelton for cocktails at Horizons Cottages, in Paget.

The photo is of the gathering last night at Horizons. Pictured (left to right): Consul General Grace Shelton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Premier Dr. Ewart Brown, Wanda Henton Brown, President Bill Clinton, Lady Gozney and Sir Richard Gozney.

Mr. Winfield also added that "On departure late on Thursday evening, both the President and Secretary Clinton expressed a strong wish to return saying that their brief time with us had been 'wonderful'."


Nancy in Cali said...

Both of them look tanned and relaxed.

AJHalliwell said...

Hillary looks like she can blend into being a normal person so well! Tanned, woop woop! Yay for some beach time and relaxation for our gal. Bill just looks so, Bill.

She really just looks like a normal person enjoying some vacation time. I'm sure that's the effect the place tried to give her.

Jackie said...

Hillary looks beautiful, and happy.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Another great post by you! I can always depend on a good Hillary scoop here!

Paula said...

She does look beautiful and happy. :-)

tough cookie said...

Sorry for being shallow but...
She does look beautiful and ... if I may say so -HOT!!!!
She should wear stuff like that more often

Stacy said...

She looks very relaxed in that photo- I'm glad because she deserves some R&R!

bathmate said...

EXCELLENT and glorious face


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