Monday, August 24, 2009

Daily Appointments

No public appointments

Hmm... looks like Hillary may still be on vacation. Anyone hear any more rumors over the weekend?


PYW said...

Here's a nice pic of them in Bermuda. Hillary looks great!

PYW said...

Oops, here's the link.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Hillary looks so chic in that photo. That was so unexpected! GO HILL!!!

Sarah said...

Wow. Great photo! Thanks so much for the link, I dunno if I would have seen this anywhere.

And yea Hill looks super chic. Never thought I'd say this, and I apologize ahead of time to the pantsuit gods, but it's nice to see her out of a pantsuit for once!

Bermuda definately suits the Clintons.

PYW said...

I love her tunic. And she looks really happy in the pic, too, like she's getting some much-needed down time.

Anonymous said...

Great group pic with Hill & Bill...!

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