Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More Details on Hillary Clinton's upcoming trip!

During today's daily press briefing, Ian Kelly gave a quick rundown of Hillary's upcoming travel plans and some great questions were asked and answered about her trip as well. You can read the official State Department release here.

Also, for your viewing pleasure I attached some photos of Hillary's trip to India in 1995 as First Lady. And since I couldn't find any other photos of Hillary in Thailand, down below are a few photos of a recent trip Bill took to Thailand.

Here is the complete text of Ian Kelly's brief rundown of her schedule:

"While in India, Secretary Clinton will meet with the prime minister and with the external affairs minister. The Secretary and External Affairs Minister Krishna will discuss the structure and elements of an enhanced U.S.-India strategic partnership. This partnership will enable us to advance solutions to the defining challenges of the 21st century, and to enhance global prosperity and stability.

The Secretary will arrive in Mumbai on July 17. She will meet with a broad cross-section of Indian society in Mumbai and will remember the victims of the 2008 attacks in Mumbai. On July 19, she’ll travel to New Delhi where she’ll have a full schedule of meetings with government officials, the leader of the opposition, entrepreneurs, scientists, and Indian youth. The Secretary will leave New Delhi on July 21st for Thailand.

In Thailand, she will meet with the prime minister and foreign minister, and hopes to underscore the importance of our alliance and our bilateral relationship and to share perspectives on our common interests in the region. She will visit Bangkok July 21-22 and Phuket July 22-23.

The Secretary will travel to Phuket to lead the U.S. delegation to the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference and the ASEAN Regional Forum. She’ll return to Washington on July 23rd.

You see also from her schedule she has a couple of bilateral meetings this afternoon with the Netherlands and also – with the Netherlands Foreign Minister Balkenende and also with Latvian Foreign Minister Riekstins."

After he spoke on this he opened the floor to questions. Read the full transcript of the press briefing here!

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AJHalliwell said...

As we all know during the election, she mentioned her foreign experience as first lady significantly -- is there a list somewhere of the countries she's been to, in her whole life time?

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