Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't Forget! Tomorrow Secretary Clinton gives Major Foreign Policy Speech

So, I broke the news last week via Twitter that Hillary was going to be delivering a major foreign policy speech. Well, the day has come. Tomorrow Hillary will be giving her speech at 1:00pm EST.

There have been many, and I really do mean MAAANNNNY reports on how Hillary Clinton has remained largely out of public view over the past month as she nurses her broken elbow and how Obama has been out and about travelling sans SOS. But tomorrow she will re-emerge with a much anticipated foreign policy speech at the Council on Foreign Relations in DC.

Ian Kelly told reporters at State last week that the Secretary plans to outline "her vision" of U.S. foreign policy, as well as how the State Department plans to carry out the overall Obama foreign policy agenda.

He described the speech as having a "global perspective" that will "mostly be forward looking." She is expected to hit on all the world's hot spots -- "the whole gamut," he said.

MSNBC's First Read reports that a senior State Department official says the speech has been in the works for about six weeks, and Clinton aides have long wanted to do a speech to mark the first six months of her term as Secretary of State.

"Now that most of her team is in place, it's time for us to look forward and sort of lay out the big picture for our implementing the administration's foreign policy," the official said.

First Read reports that this unnamed official scoffed at the suggestion that Clinton feels sidelined in the Obama administration, and that she feels the need to reassert herself. "That's just ridiculous," the official laughed.

I am SO looking forward to this speech. I can't wait! Follow me on Twitter via @AllThingsHill for live tweeting of her speech.

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