Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hillary Clinton meets with Zimbabwean Prime Minister and gives condolenses to Holocaust Musuem victim

Today, the Secretary met with Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

They spoke briefly to the press before their meeting and the Secretary took an opportunity to address the terrible shooting that happened in the Holocaust Museum yesterday.

"Well, it was a terrible tragedy, and the kind of hatred that the killer evidenced over many years toward different groups within our society is deplorable. And I hope that we will be able to send out a clear, unmistakable message that hateful rhetoric, violence based on any kind of discriminatory attitude toward any group in the United States is not acceptable, and that any groups or individuals who foment that kind of rhetoric, that unfortunately we see on the internet, or here on broadcast media, or shows up in pamphlets need to think very hard about the consequences of that kind of incitement. And my heart goes out to the victim’s family and those who were injured, and I hope that all of America will stand united against that kind of terrible action on the part of anyone who harbors those feelings and attitudes."
Read their full text here or watch below:

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