Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hillary is back to work! in a yellow-orange pantsuit!

Well, here is a photo and video round up of all that Hillary did on her busy day back to the State Department. Please note, the chipper yellow-orange pantsuit with matching scarf... Hillary MUST be feeling better.

After her breakfast with Joe, she held a bilateral meeting with His Excellency Shimon Perez, President of Israel, at the OmniShoreham Hotel. A bit interesting that their bilateral was at a hotel and closed to the press instead of at the State Department... anyone know why?

Next up, Secretary Clinton held a meeting with Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian of Armenia.

Secretary Clinton also met with Foreign Minister Marat Tazhin of Kazakhstan.

Also today, Secretary Clinton met with the wife of missing Floridian Bob Levinson to "express her concerns about the lack of information coming out of Iran," state department spokesman Robert Wood said.

"This case is obviously a very heart-wrenching humanitarian one... We continue to call on Iran to provide information about Mr. Levinson. It has not been forthcoming, and we're going to continue to press this issue," Wood told the press.

He also said Secretary Clinton wanted to tell Levinson's wife about the department's efforts to try to gain information from Iran on her husband, though he offered reporters no details. He said Iran had not responded to a letter Clinton had delivered to Tehran, asking it to help return three Americans believed to be in Iran.

"We haven't gotten a response at this point," Wood said. "We're still pressing and will continue to press.

Secretary Clinton also met with Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov of Azerbaijan.

Secretary Clinton is encouraging Armenia and Azerbaijan to solve a territorial dispute over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

She held separate meetings with Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian and Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov to move the two countries toward a solution.

U.S. diplomats are looking for progress on a list of principals for governing the territory when the countries' presidents meet Thursday at a European Union meeting in Prague, Czech Republic.

And lastly, Secretary Clinton met with Foreign Minister Carl Bildt of Sweden.


Anonymous said...

wow, great pics. The foreign diplomats seem to all be defering to Hillary, as well they should.
I also like how she unbuttoned her jacket (is that the correct term?), very confident. Although I don't really like the color she's wearing, but that's just my opinion.

Veyry said...

Hi guys:
is it me or I just noticed that Hillary got "chills" at the end of the video when she and the Sweden's Foreign Minister shake hands?Anyway, I enjoy that she's being praised and related to all these gentleman; you'd better be careful Bill, Hillary is so smart and so beautiful that I'm sure any of those man wish to be in your shoes! Way to go girl!

Stacy said...

I love the scarves

Anonymous said...

I love all the pics when so many people look at Hillary with admiration and respect. They realize they are talking to a genuine caring intelligent individual, someone who should have been our 44th president!!!

Stacy said...

Did anyone see the pics from today's White House Press Briefing with Press Sec'y Gibbs? I have one thing to say: amazing!

And the video of the briefing is over at cspan (which, as usual Sarah, I couldn't embed in my site!)

PYW said...

Stacy, What pix are you referring to? Was Hillary in them?

Stacy said...

PYW, of course she's in them! I posted them here

Hillary Clinton Army said...

How does she do it? Fabulous as always!

PYW said...

Stacy, I didn't realize then that she'd done a briefing at the WH today. I did then get a chance to watch the video of her remarks. Top notch, as usual.

Stacy said...

PYW- I don't think the media even knew she was going to personally be at the briefing- I just happened to be watching the news and there she was- I think she did a really brilliant job with what can sometimes be a tough audience- the WH Press Corp has a tendency to be a bit prima-donna-like and show off by asking tough questions in front of the ever-present cameras in the hopes of nabbing a headline. But she handled them brilliantly.

Stacy said...

Check out Anderson Cooper's commentary about Hillary being a huge presence at today's Af-Pak Trilateral and how successful (and skillful) she has been at bringing diplomacy back to center stage.

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