Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Al Franken: Hillary Clinton is My Senate Role Model‎

Word has spread that Democrat Al Franken, who is still by the way, locked in a battle with former Senator Norm Coleman over the Minnesota senate seat, said that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would be his model for how he'd conduct his affairs in the senate, should he ever be seated as Minnesota's next senator.

"Hillary came in to a certain amount of skepticism," Franken told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in a wide-ranging interview. "They wondered 'Is she going to be a prima donna? Use her celebrity?'"

"What she did was put her head down and work," he noted.

Franken says he's been consulting Hillary Clinton on how best to operate effectively in the Senate.

Clinton and Franken haven known eachother since the early 1990s and while she was out on the campaign trail for him a few months ago, she made fun of his comedic past:

"Sure, he's been a comedian, and occasionally he's even been funny."

Since the start of his candidacy, Franken's critics say that he cannot be taken seriously.

"I'm someone who has been very outspoken," Franken said, pledging to work with all members of the Minnesota congressional delegation. "But when I go in there, I think I'll be most for Minnesota if I let my colleagues know that I respect them and the institution and will put my head down and do the work."

Well, looks like they still need to recount about 4,000 additional ballots (requested by Republican Norm Coleman) before anyone is going to be emulating Secretary Clinton...

So for now, Franken is waiting and planning for what he will do if he ever is finally elected...

"I think my actions will speak louder than my words," he says.


Jackie said...

Who wouldn't wan't to model their senate career after Hillary? Everybody doubted her, they thought she would very partison, and would always be in front of the cameras.Those people were proven wrong. She worked across the aisle on many issues. She was a top knotch senator, and now she's a top knotch S.O.S. I think if more senators modeled their senate work after Hillary's this country and government would be a whole lot better off.

stacy said...

I love that photo where she is sitting next to him in the auditorium and she's laughing- very cute.

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