Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hillary Clinton appears again before the House Appropriations Committee. Gets tough and honest on Pakistan

Well, today began with more hearings. Which for me, is exciting! But maybe not so much for our Secretary of State. I wish she could talk like this everyday!

She testified during a House Appropriations Committee State and Foreign Operations hearing on Capitol Hill. The committee was hearing testimony on the State Department's FY2009 supplemental appropriations request.

Read her opening remarks here or watch below:

During today's hearing Hillary spoke really boldly about Pakistan. She told the congressional panel that the situation in Pakistan poses a "mortal threat" to world security.

She accused Pakistan of abdicating to the Taleban by allowing them to control parts of the country. And she said extremists were being allowed to control territory such as the Swat Valley, in north-western Pakistan.

She also called Pakistan's judicial system corrupt, adding that it has only limited power in the countryside, the BBC reported.

I think one of her boldest statements, maybe even to date as SOS was said at this hearing. She said:

"The people we are fighting today, we funded twenty years ago."

To get the full context of what she said watch the clip below. It's really good!

During her hearing Hillary also answered questions on Cuba and Iran, warning that Tehran faces "very tough sanctions" if it rejects offers of engagement over its nuclear programme.

More vid below:

Hillary then attended a bilateral with His Excellency Kasit Piromya, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Today at the State Department was "Bring your kid to work day." (Not the official name btw...) There were some cute little girls in the hearing; daughters of Capitol Hill staffer Tim Bergreen.

They were not as captivated by the hearing as others obviously... hehe

And since today is Thursday, Hillary had her 4:00 meeting with President Obama. Today Vice President Biden was also in attendance.

*** Also, here is the link to the FULL 3 hr. 50 min House Foreign Affairs Hearing meeting from yesterday!!

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Jackie said...

Hillary is brilliant, and tough. I jus't love hearing her speak about issues that mean so much to her,you can feel the passion.

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