Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hillary responds to Ron Paul, says he has the most "enthusiastic supporters" she ever saw!

Here is a clip from yesterday's hearing that I didn't see. Ron Paul asks a question about bringing "real change" to the State Department and foreign policy.

Hillary gives a stellar response and compliments Paul on his staunch supporters during the 2008 primary.


Stacy said...

That was funny and his response was good. There were certainly some light moments during the hearing that were nice to see.

Anonymous said...

AS usual Hillary is so eloquent in her responses. And she looks so great, love her suit and pearls.

I've always liked Ron Paul, to bad the Republican Party doesn't steer their closer to Paul’s, THEY MIGHT have a message, the reason I say that is because I believe in a two party system.

Anonymous said...

Go Hillary.

She's helping to get us out of Iraq.

To understand her is to love her.
Hillary has conviction. Nothing waffling about her. She's not a people pleaser like most of the politicians.
Our snarky Hillary. You go girl!
She makes us proud.

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