Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hillary Clinton Rocks the House! The House Foreign Affairs Committee that is...

Well, from the comments already received, I can tell we are all probably in agreeance that Hillary Clinton rocked the f-ing house this morning.

I haven't seen the entire hearing (*** Here is the link to the FULL 3 hr. 50 min House Foreign Affairs Hearing meeting!!)... I've seen most of it.

Hillary said Bush administration officials who formulated interrogation policy "should be reviewed."

She added that those who carried out orders and "acted within the four corners of the legal advice that was given" would not be prosecuted. She added that a "nonpartisan" commission might be appropriate.

Representative Dana Rohrbacher (Republican from Calif.) asked Clinton whether she supported releasing more classified memos–as suggested by Dick Cheney–including those that might show the success of harsh interrogation tactics.

She shot back with an answer that just brightened my day:

"Well, it won't surprise you, I don't consider him a particularly reliable source of information."

Wow. When you really think about it, our Vice President of only a few months ago is now not considered NOT a "reliable source of information" by our current Secretary of State. Wow. That's fucked up that we lived for 8 years with this man running our country... so glad things have changed.

Anyways, the congressman was not amused and pressed further, but Clinton only added that it was important to "get to the bottom of this entire matter."

Watch the exchange with Rep. Rohrbacher below:

Not only did Hillary stick it to Dick (ugh, that sounds bad...) but she basically ate Representative Mike Pence for lunch (ugh, that doesn't sound any better...).

Just watch it, seriously just do it. He gets OWNED:

Don't forget to watch her opening remarks here:


Jackie said...

She was amazing as usual, it's blows my mind how she always comes prepared. She is a strong woman who sticks to her beliefs. The republicans could not bring her down. I love her.

Anonymous said...

To Jackie: "The republicans could not bring her down." you perhaps meant as in the hearings..

But the ugly Democrats and the media did. We could have had her for president. In fact, we could have had both of them (16 years of Dems in the WH!) -- he could have been the VP, she would have made him the VP. Of course, that was not enough for the fake (er, flake), because he didn't think he could carry on the charade for that long. There in lies the sad irony.

AJHalliwell said...

I think both Clinton and Obama would have made great Presidents, and I think we should all be happy it was at least one of them, as opposed to the alternatives.

And Dang, did Clinton p0wn that hearing!!! Even I didn't think about "oh, well, yeah, during the cold war presidents met with dictators all the time and shook hands..." Go Hillary for not only making your opponents understand your side, but convincing those already on your side to be even more confident!

Sarah said...

AJHalliwell- i agree that they BOTH would of made GREAT presidents. although, i think Hillary is doing EXTRAORDINARILY well as SOS.

this hearing was proof enough for me. she was bold, direct, obviously she is so so so intelligent.

Anonymous said...

To AJ.. so I see this is the site that pushes dirt with your party under the rug. I don't care what kind of a president 0bama turns out to be (GREAT in caps being an exaggeration -- let us just hope he does not do much damage). What he did in the primary is plain WRONG.

Sarah said...

this site does nothing of the sort. everyone here is entitled to their own opinion, including you. and i think we have a wide variety of different views expressed here and thats great.

the primary, yes, was messed up. but it wasnt obamas doing. i think the way the system was set up was fundamentally flawed from the get go. the democratic primary system isnt setup to benefit the voters voice... it allows those on the inside to have control. now, i dont know the math for sure, but if we counted up all the votes cst in the primarys and fogot all the delegates, hillary most likely would of been our candidate.

i also think the media played a huge role. 2008 was the first election where we had the kind of 24hr addictive media. it was crazy. i mean just look at things like twitter... we read our news in sound bytes and headlines. people are getting their "news" from talking heads, from corporate news sources that definitely have a political agenda. generally speaking people were not getting their facts from the candidates themselves. all of that swayed voters and created an obama-mania environment for sure.

but overall i think obama is the next best thing next to hillary. and personally, i am so glad she is working for him because i think he has the potential to do great things. and with her help he can do even more. and just from my own experience, people, including the msm, are slowly starting to see how great hillary really is.

Stacy said...

I watched the whole hearing on cspan yesterday as I had the day off and I found myself getting so annoyed with some of the members of congress who spent most of their time pontificating and talking just to hear themselves talk and Rep. Rohrbacher was absolutely obnoxious to Clinton and I am glad she stayed above the political fray and remained calm and cool in a tense situation. That said, she did throw in a few great zingers to make her point!

Stacy said...

I wish I had known she was appearing today before the appropriations subcommittee- I just watched some of it on dipnotes and posted it on my blog. I never cease to be amazed at how brilliant she is at articulating the US foreign policy agenda.

Speaking of dipnotes- there is a comment thread over there from yesterday about her appearance before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and it's worth checking out because while I obviously love SOS Clinton, I am willing to try to be objective but many of the criticisms of her in the comment section [on dipnotes] seem way off base to me.

Anonymous said...

To Sarah: my mistake, I thought you're one of those well informed and steadfast Hillary supporters who knew what happened during the primary. But from your response you look like a garden variety Democrat. No worries, ignorance is sometimes bliss. She deserved to be president and it was stolen from her. If you don't understand that, then your site here rings hollow. Don't bother responding. I am not coming back.

Sarah said...

Stacy- Thanks for the tip on the Dipnote blog! I am going to repost the vid here.

I love reading all the great comments for Hillary. She truly deserves all that praise for how hard she works.

And I too, am stunned by her brilliance and expansive knowledge on ALL issues.

Someone please go get my socks... cause Hillary just knocked them off.


Anonymous said...

Hillary has such a great combination of loyalty,intelligence,toughness,compassion...she is absolutely brilliant in this role. Sure, I wanted her as Pres., but at least BO has been smart enough to know what he doesn't know about policy, and he placed superb folks in leadership positions in his cabinet. I am quite literally seems like Hillary is in more than one place at a time. She's everywhere giving speeches it seems. I certainly approve of the circumspect approach BO and Hillary are taking on foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

I am saddened still as i see that our country passed on the brilliant woman for the inexperienced man......a man with telepromptors as his voice, his mentor.

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