Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happening Now! Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testifing before Congress

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is telling Congress that the core goal of President Barack Obama's anti-terror strategy is to defeat al-Qaida and prevent its return to Afghanistan.

Clinton testified today at 9:30 EST before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where Chairman Howard Berman told her the panel is concerned about Islamic extremists gaining momentum in Pakistan. The California Democrat said the U.S. cannot allow the extremists to take over Pakistan or to operate with impunity on Afghanistan's border.

Clinton asserted in response that the international community is working closely together to address the problem of extremism in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Stay tuned for photos and possibly a more detailed account of what when down on the Hill.



Anonymous said...

Hillary was stellar as usual. President Obama and the entire adminstration should proud. I am always so touch by the depth of her knowledge! Thank you Hillary

Anonymous said...


I love her passion and am in awe of her knowledge and ability to articulate it.

Anonymous said... the word I was looking for!

Jackie said...

She is amazing, smartest person out there, I think. The President should be very pleased with his excellent SOS.

Pleus she's beautiful.

Jackie said...

Oops, I meant plus.

Stacy said...

I loved when she told Rep. Rohrabacher that she didn't consider Dick Cheney a reliable source with respect to the value of torture. Rohrabacher was incredibly hostile and rude to her and she kept her cool- she made it clear to everyone why SHE is the SOS and THEY are not! :)

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