Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hillary Clinton makes the grade! What would you give her?

Well as Secretary Clinton's official 100 days rolls around, we are hearing a lot of judgment on how our SOS is doing.

CNN Panelists give their grade of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

Donna Brazile gave our girl a nice A+, saying that "she is rebuilding our alliances all over the world."

Stephen Hayes gave an "incomplete" saying he doesn't know "who is making the decisions."

Paul Begala gave a nice A+, saying that he might be a little biased (which I love! it's biased in the right direction!!). He likes what Hillary is doing for the exact reasons Hayes criticized her, for being a team player.

Their Final Grade: Big fat B! CNN reports: "She is advancing her reputation and is far less a divisive figure than she used to be."

Not a bad grade in my view, however I think she deserves an A+ and a shiny gold star!

Your Final Grade: ?

Watch the CNN panelists debate below:


Jackie said...

I give Hillary an A+++. She is always on top of her game. Pretty soon everyone else will realize that as well. Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!

stacy said...

I give her an A, as opposed to A+ simply because it's so early in the first term. That said, she has done more to rehab America's image (which took a beating during the last 8 years) than the previous two secretaries of State combined. Her willingness to actually *listen* to not only other world leaders, but average citizens, is truly amazing. In addition, her tenacity, passion and intellect will be used to great effect in the next 100 days. Obama is lucky to have her!

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