Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily Appointments

7:30 a.m. EST - Working Breakfast For Members Of Senate Foreign Relations Committee

10:00 a.m. EST - Joint Testimony before Senate Appropriations Committee with Defense Secretary Gates, in Dirksen Senate Office Building.

3:45 p.m. EST - Weekly Meeting with President Obama And Vice President Biden

6:00 p.m. EST - Host Annual Reception for Donors to the Diplomatic Reception Rooms.


Stacy said...

I'm watching the hearing right now and I finally had to turn the volume down so I can see what's going on but I don't have to hear the senator's repetitive, political grand-standing questions. Then I turn the volume back up when Hillary or Gates answers the question.

I am constantly amazed at how Hillary keeps her composure during these things, particularly when she is clearly being baited into a political corner. I also find her candor refreshing- she just stated what we all know but what few have the guts to say out loud- the situation in Afghanistan is largely a mess of our own making due to our arming the Mujahadeen when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan- we sided with Islamic fundamentalists because we hated the soviets and we underestimated Osama Bin Laden and his followers. And believe me, the republicans in particular don't like being reminded of that.

PYW said...

Stacy, I'm not able to watch. What kind of granstanding are they doing?

Stacy said...

They are essentially asking the same questions about Iran that they asked during her last testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. They have limited time to ask she and Sec'y Gates a question and they spend most of the time making sure we all know where they stand on Iran, Iraq, Israel etc. Then, by the time they let Hillary and Gates answer, it's hard to tell what exactly the question was.

That said, it was a much more polite Q&A session than when she went before the House Committee, where she had to defend her stance on abortion, etc.

I'm going to post the video of the hearing on my blog if cspan eventually makes it available on their website (the hearing was aired on cspan3). I did manage to get a few good pics from the hearing (it ended about 20 minutes ago)

Sarah said...

Thanks so keeping us updated on the hearing! I cant watch it at work :(

I will definitely post about it later tho!

stacy said...

The video is on but I couldn't get the video to play on my blog :( but portions of it are available on the site under "videos" (I was able to get that to work).

Overall, it wasn't quite as exciting as when she appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Comm. because this was essentially budget requests for the two wars, but given I'd watch Hillary boil water and be quite excited about it, it's all good :)

PYW said...

"but given I'd watch Hillary boil water and be quite excited about it, it's all good."

lol. btw, what's your blog, stacy?

stacy said...

PYW- my blog is Secretary Clinton

Sarah said...

I think we should start hillary clinton boiling water fan page xD haha

and Stacy- I dont think I link to your blog on my site but I am going to now!!

stacy said...

I look forward to a Hillary boiling water fan page!

And thanks for the link on your site, sarah!

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