Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hillary Clinton Congratulates President Obama on Healthcare with a Hug

This is an official photo from the White House Flickr Photostream. I love it! You can clearly see the joy in Hill's face. This shot was snapped yesterday during their meeting at the White House.

Last week, President Bill Clinton said after a meeting with Senate Democrats on Tuesday that after health care passes "Maybe Hillary will be the happiest person in America. I'll be the second happiest person. Even more than President Obama, even more than Rahm, even more than all the people that have been laboring over this forever."

And while we are on the topic.... Here is a video of President Bill Clinton talking about healthcare reform while in Haiti:


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Well, it is something that they have both worked a lifetime to enact.

I am glad if they are happy!

Jackie said...

22 people got the pens used to sign the bill, and neither of the Clinton's got one. Hillary should have gotten one. I love Hillary's face in that picture. She is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hillary has paved the road to a lot of things happening as HC; I hope the road she paved x a woman President is for herself, there's no one better suited than her to occupy that position.We love you Hillary!

Sarah said...

yes, this picture is too cute. I wish it was Hillary's healthcare bill but at least we know they have been pretty happy about the process.

I'm so curious as to how this conversation with Obama went...

Stacy said...

She seems genuinely happy in that photo. And she apparently made a lot of phone calls to members of Congress the past week to try to get them to vote in favor of the legislation. She's worked hard for this and has been a health care reform advocate much of her adult life.

Chari said...

I love Hillary and President Obama. Aim pretty damn proud of my party. These ppl have worked very hard for the benefit of the ppl. Not even fir themselves. They are wealthy and have aim sure, great health care that they can afford. And look at them worrying about us. We see it and we appreciated it.

We love you. And so we won't forget Ted Kennedy.
The fight goes on and the dreams should never die.

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