Friday, February 12, 2010

VIDEO RAW FOOTAGE: Bill Clinton Released from Hospital

President Bill Clinton was released from the hospital this morning after his heart surgery. New reports say that he was wearing a suit and a smile as he walked to his car. He gave reporters a wave, saying, "Thanks, guys" before driving off with the Secret Service.

It was about 7am in upper Manhattan when he left the hospital. And from the raw footage shown below, you can see he was accompanied by his daughter, Chelsea.

New reports from doctors explain that the procedure was quick and speedy and done very well. Within 90 minutes of walking into the hospital, the former President had two new stents in his heart and by 2pm, attendants had wheeled him to a room in the hospital's state-of-the-art McKeen Pavilion, where he took a get-well phone call from President Obama. Awwww how cute!

It was reported that the procedure went perfectly, and Bill was up and around Thursday night, joking with Chelsea and Hillary.

Bill's cardiologist, Dr. Allan Schwartz, told reporters last night that "The goal of the treatment, and I think it will be achieved is for President Clinton to resume his very active lifestyle."

Schwartz wanted to be very clear that Bill DID NOT have a heart attack and suffered no damage to his heart .

Apparently Chelsea, who works in Manhattan, was the first to arrive at his side. Hillary, who was originally due to fly to the Mideast today, jetted into New York after leaving an Oval Office meeting with President Obama.

They remained at the hospital for about four hours and left in separate vehicles about 11:30pm. Hillary was seen clutching a sheaf of newspapers as she was leaving and she was followed by her personal assistant Huma Abedin and her fiance, and also New York Representative, Anthony Weiner. Chelsea followed a few minutes later with what appeared to be her fiance and another friend or relative.

Since Hillary was scheduled to leave today on a planned trip to the Middle East her departure has been delayed until Saturday afternoon, a senior U.S. official said.

More updates to come!

Here is some raw footage of Hillary arriving at New York Presbyterian Hospital to be with Bill:

Here is some raw footage of both Hillary and Chelsea leaving the hospital. Hillary walks out with her assistant Huma, and they leave in a big black van, and it looks to me like Chelsea left with her fiance and a friend:

Here is a great news clip from the Today Show this morning with some raw footage of Bill and Chelsea leaving the hospital:

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Anonymous said...

why is he wearing a tie and a suit ? Can't he dress normal, he is getting out of the hospital for goodness sakes !! I don't know who invented the tie, it has to be the worst idea of all time !! I wish Bill Clinton well and take it easy for awhile , very grateful for all the work you have done up till now.

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