Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hillary Clinton Behind the Scenes with NEW Reality TV Show

Wow, thanks for a few ATHC readers for the tip on a new reality TV show starring... you guessed it! Hillary!

According to The Examiner, The National Geographic Channel has been following Hillary Clinton's every move for an upcoming special that shows her day-to-day duties as the U.S. Secretary of State.

It is going to be called "Inside the State Department" and it will premier this spring.

Some things to look forward to are her first trip as secretary of state to the United Nations, and her overseas trips to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jerusalem and Africa. They are also following her advisers as they plan her agenda, brief her on each mission and strategize in the State Department Operations Center (which is filled with IMAX-size video screens showing satellite feeds from hot spots around the globe - tracking ongoing violence, attacks on embassies and even Secretary Clinton's motorcade under way in dangerous locales such as Pakistan... sounds AWESOME.)

They are also going to be detailing the intense security efforts to keep Secretary Clinton safe on a day to day basis, insight from the state department press corps who travel with her on each trip, and a personal tour of the treasure vault where gifts given to the president, first lady and secretary of state are stored.

"Our cameras were granted more access to the secretary and her team than any other camera crew ever has received, including press crews... We were literally flies on the wall, traveling from country to country, capturing conversations, witnessing interaction with head officials and experiencing moments behind closed doors."
A specific airdate has yet to be officially announced but it we can look forward to hearing more in the spring. In the meantime, visit www.natgeotv.com for more information.

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