Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Update! Hillary Clinton addresses the press after UN Security Council Meeting

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton gave remarks after her very successful meeting on the adoption of a UNSC Resolution to Combat Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict. Ambassador Susan Rice gave Hillary a great introduction. Here is what she said:
It’s my great pleasure to introduce to you somebody who needs no introduction, our tremendously distinguished Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who chaired this morning a historic session of the United Nations Security Council. I’m extremely grateful for her leadership and her partnership in this and in so many other ways.
The Secretary gave brief remarks then took questions from the press. Here is one question on the recent Roman Polanski issue. Read more on that here!
QUESTION: I want to ask you about a letter that you might have received from Foreign Minister Kouchner from France about the extradition of film director Roman Polanski, and if you did receive such a letter, the gist of what it requested.

SECRETARY CLINTON: I have not seen the letter. I have read about the letter that, I think, both Minister Kouchner and perhaps, Minister Sikorski of Poland have sent. But this is a matter that is not before me. This is a matter that is in the justice system of our government. And I will, of course, respond and answer any questions that my counterparts have, but this is a matter to be dealt with in the ordinary course of law enforcement and justice in the United States.

Read the full text here or watch the FULL video below:

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