Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hillary Clinton goes for Korean with Laura Ling and her Family

UPDATE: I WAS WRONG! They Lunched this past Sunday, September 13th! Thanks to a reader for clarifying!

It was a surprise to see that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took time out of her extremely busy Tuesday schedule to have lunch with American journalist Laura Ling, her family members and State Department officials at Woo Lae Oak, a Korean restaurant near Washington DC. Of course we all know that Laura Ling, who had been detained in North Korea for illegally entering the country with her colleague Euna Lee, returned home last month after Bill Clinton held talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang and brought her home. Revisit that post here! I haven't found much details, like what they ate, how long they stayed etc... because yes, those are the details we want to hear... but I do know that they posed for photos and Hillary even signed a menu!


Anonymous said...

The lunch actually took place on Sunday, September 13th.

Jackie said...

Hillary looks great. Is Lisa Ling Pregnant?

Sarah said...

Thanks for the correct info!! I knew Hillary was superwoman but I didnt realize she was THAT good.

I updated the info on the site. Thanks again!

PS- tall guy in the back on the left... hot. who is he??

Jackie said...

Lisa Ling's husband Paul, he's a doctor.

Sarah said...

ahhh yes, a doctor of course! hehe

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