Monday, August 17, 2009

Holy Headband, Hillary!

Well, well, I go out of town for a few days and come back to headband heaven! I had to post these photos immediately before I start to gather everything from the past few days and finish up detailing out Secretary Clinton's trip to Africa.

These photos, from August 14th are of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she shakes hands with Cape Verde Prime Minister Jose Maria das Neves, during a meeting at the Rio Garoupa Hotel in Sal Island, Cape Verde. She was on a one-day official visit to Cape Verde. More details on this visit as well as all of her Africa trip to come!

But before we get into the nitty gritty details of all Hillary Clinton's foreign policy trip... since I've been gone a while and want to hear from all you Hillary lovers and since I'm choppin' at the bit for some Hill fluff; here is a look at Hillary's past headbands. Choose your favorite (or least favorite) headband look or post your own favs!

This may have been Hillary's FIRST headband! ^^^ Let's see if anyone can find an earlier Hillary headband photo!


Stacy said...

She looks very, very preppy in those pics!

One thing I love about when she is on foreign travel is we get so many more photos and articles! If only the MSM would cover her work every single day!

Where's the pantsuit gallery sarah? ;) (am I a pain in the ass, or what?)

Alinosof said...

Long live the headband! That's Hillary's signature accessory. Lol.

Hillary Clinton Army said...

I'm glad your back. I was honestly starting to worry!
I've never been a fan of the headband, myself. Too preppy.
There were rumors (circa island catering staff) of the Clinton's being here on Martha's Vineyard this past weekend, but I never saw a thing about it in the news. So now I doubt it. It sure added to our Pantsuitin' excitement though!

Stacy said...

Oh, I have a feeling the Clinton's will be in Martha's Vineyard this weekend, as a matter of fact...Hillary has some days off at the end of this week...hmmmm....

Hillary Clinton Army said...

Really? Well, I'll keep my ears to the ground!

Sarah said...

ok guys... more details on the Vineyard!!!

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