Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Déjà vu! Both Clintons back in the White House!

As noted in my previous post, not only did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have a meeting with President Obama, but Former President Bill Clinton did too! The ex-president was scheduled to return to his former residence to debrief President Barack Obama on his talks and meetings with North Korean President Kim Jong Il. Ah, simmer down kids, don't get too excited... their paths did not cross in the halls surrounding the Oval Office. I mean, talk about some serious déjà vu!

The Secretary didn't attend Bill's meeting with Obama due to schedule conflicts said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs during the official briefing. Instead, Clinton has designated her chief of staff Cheryl Mills to attend the meeting. Clinton aides have also reported that Mills played a "key role" in planning Bill Clinton's mission to North Korea and Hillary thinks Mills was the "appropriate" person to participate today because of that role. Smart move, Hills. For reals.

Questions are swarming all over as to what Bill Clinton has told his wife, the Secretary of State, about his visit to North Korea and the condition of Kim Jong Il. State's Ian Kelly said he has "no doubt" the former president has briefed his wife, but he wouldn't go beyond that.

"It's our longstanding policy not to discuss the substance of conversations between the secretary and either of the two presidents she deals with... one former, one present."
The two men met in the White House Situation Room for nearly 40 minutes, after which Obama invited his fellow Democrat to the Oval Office to talk for another half hour.

"Former President Clinton described the process, including a meeting with Kim Jong-il, that culminated in the North Korean leadership granting 'special amnesty' to the two journalists and permitting them to return to the United States," the White House said in a statement.

"President Obama said he was gratified that the Americans had been safely reunited with their families."

Bill left after the meeting without speaking to reporters. (They were all whining about that on Twitter hehe...)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said his trip had provided insight into North Korea.

"The briefing that my husband and those who traveled with him ... is, you know, extremely helpful, because it gives us a window into what's going on in North Korea."

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