Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BREAKING: Hurricane Billary heading towards Bermuda!

The Bermuda Sun is reporting (not so sure how reliable of a source) that the most famous power couple in the world, the Clinton's, are NOT going to be in Martha's Vineyard this weekend, like we all thought, but in Bermuda!

Reporting from both this newspaper and on CNN, the Clintons planned a four-day stay in Bermuda this weekend. The couple plans to fly by private jet to the island today Wednesday to take a trip down memory lane to the island where Bill and Hillary conceived Chelsea at Horizons cottage colony in Paget in the summer of 1979. Is it creepy that I know this? Let me answer... yes, yes it is.

Apparently, Bill and Hillary sought to stay in the same cottage they did three decades ago where Chelsea was conceived, but due to privacy and security issues the venue was unable to meet their needs.

Instead the word is that the Clintons will stay at the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa, an "adults only" facility that "caters to couples." This plush, resort has a "clothing optional" sky deck and occasionally hosts sex seminars to improve couples' relationships. Wow, am I really reading this?

If this is indeed true, their vacation plans might be hampered by the fast moving Hurricane Bill, a Category 3 storm that is currently on track to pass near the island at the end of the week. Coincidental name huh?

The State Department had no comment on reports of the trip, and a spokeswoman for the resort said there is no reservation for the Clintons this weekend but made sure to add in:"Even if they did have a reservation, we wouldn't say."


Nancy in Cali said...

is this a snark? or real?

Sarah said...

im hoping its real! what do you think?

Nancy in Cali said...

i googled it, saw it on CNN, I think it's real. I wonder if they are sneaking off for Chelsea's wedding? the one that was rumored to be in Martha's Vineyard in August, then it was off? just a thought. Either way - they both deserve a break and I hope they have a wonderful, relaxing and romantic time.

Jackie said...

They deserve this. I hope they have a wonderful, restful, and romantic time.

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