Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Secretary Hillary Clinton won't travel to Russia

It was announced yesterday that due to the broken elbow, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will not travel to Moscow with President Obama next week to meet with Russian officials.

According to CBS news, a senior White House official told CNN that Clinton's intense physical therapy sessions to rehabilitate the elbow were deemed too difficult to replicate during the trip.

This will be the second trip that the Secretary had to cancel due to her injury. She cancelled a trip to Italy and Greece because of the injury last month.

Ian Kelly, from State, told reporters yesterday that "She's in some pain... She had a very serious break in her elbow.... She's energetic, she's fully engaged, but we need to make sure that she heals and then can get back to a full schedule where she can come in every day."


Anonymous said...

The pseudo journalists are making a big deal about HRC not going to Moscow, saying there is a rift brewing. There continues to be alluding to the envoys as a sign HRC is being pushing aside. It was HRC's idea to have the envoys in the first place, for goodness sakes! Holbrooke was interviewed shortly after HRC's elbow break, and he stated he reports to HRC, and he went on to say, he doesn't see the Pres. alone, HRC is there with him. Now, I'm not saying there isn't a rift per se, but I'm sick of everyone thinking the envoys were BO's idea, and they are a sign HRC is marginalized. I do find it strange that David Axelrod is on tv so often talking about foreign policy. He's a political strategist...geeezzz! We should see more of HRC on the news, I think. As a staunch HRC supporter, I'm keeping my eyes open to any undermining of her, so I hope BO doesn't think of pulling any Chicago style plays.

Stacy said...

I agree with everything 'Anonymous' said above. If you look at today's Daily Press Briefing, the media obsess over Hillary not going to Russia, despite the fact that since Obama is going, it isn't a necessity that she be there. However when she goes to India/Asia later this month, Obama is not going and it would probably be a bigger deal if she cancelled that trip.

Also, it seems like now she is pretty much working at the State Dept 3 of the 5 days with the other 2 days working from home- working at home does not equal sitting around with your feet up on the coffee table, eating cheetos and watching reruns of ER. She's WORKING!

As far as I'm concerned, she is doing the responsible thing by canceling a trip to Moscow and instead focusing on regular physical therapy per her doctor in order to fully recover from the elbow injury so she can travel to India, etc. Note to media: it's called PRIORITIZING.

In the DPB, the press also obsess over having access to more of her health information and Ian Kelly gets a bit miffed, understandably, in my view. The public has the right to know some things about the health status of public officials, but given it's a broken elbow (as opposed to say, a brain tumor or cardiac surgery), the press are getting a bit silly with their requests.

I'm not trying to minimize her injury, but I think it's in Hillary's best interest if we put it in perspective as opposed to contributing to the "oh my God, the Secretary of State can't work a full schedule?!? But she's already so low profile!!!" chatter we've all been hearing for the past two weeks.

LittleIsis said...

Agree with everything said above.

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