Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picspam! Hillary Clinton hosts trialteral with Mexico and Canada

Today Secretary Clinton also hosted a big trilateral meeting with Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa and Canadian Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon at the State Department. Transcripts of their remarks and Q&A below, as well as a large collection of photos. Enjoy!

Read the full text here or watch below:

Read the full text here or watch below:


Alinosof said...

Thanks for all the pictures. Just watching her going about her business day in and day out put a big smile on my face. She's not going to let the naysayers deter her from serving her country. What a great patriot!

Anonymous said...

I think with Hillary, there are just so many people who cling to the media created image of her, they can't imagine her as the genuine public servant she is, and has been, even before she met BC, or before politics was on the radar. She is one of the most resolute people I've ever studied. I don't know if there's anything to all the talk about friction, afterall, with our 24hr news and internet, ratings wars are the name of the game, and what better way to elevate the discourse than to have a HRC/BO riff developing.

I do wonder how HRC feels about BO's team disallowing the latest hires she requested, afterall, from what I understand, HRC made this condition part of her acceptance of the job, and apparently, BO agreed to her demands, but seems he doesn't mind reneging on his pledge. I just don't feel BO is a genuine public servant in his heart and gut the way HRC is. Where is his passion for, well, anything really?!? I'm trying to remain open-minded, that's all I can say.

I second what the previous poster said...Thanks so much for all the photos. Sorry I rambled's just that there have been so many articles lately about the assumed "riff" between the two, and how HRC has been pushed aside. She then gives her major speech, and BO has to give his at the "same" time of course, and then the employees she wanted to hire the WH didn't approve of, the envoys BO takes credit for, the tough talk on Iran that HRC pushed BO on, but she got no credit for this either. I just don't like the pattern...

Anonymous said...

The more the media fusses about a controversy it manufactures, the more you know that the "controversy" is a fake.

And this one is about as fake as they get.

Anonymous said...

The fact that BO had to give his surprise speech at the same time as Hillary's widely anticipated speech means he IS afraid of Hillary. He scares that she would steal the spotlight, or make him look incompetent. On a different perspective, that means Hillary is very formidable and powerful and BO knows. That's why he has to block her choice of staffs.

Anonymous said...

I agree that BO doesn't want HRC to steal the spotlight, and you may have a point as to why he would block appointees she requests, however, if they had agreed on these conditions, seems HRC is upholding her end of the bargain, but we can't say the same for BO.

The problem I have with all this media flap is the effect it has on the general population. In that I mean, most people will simply "repeat" what they hear if they hear it enough, and the effect can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If the general population has a seed of "ineffective" SOS planted in their minds, it is very difficult to alter those views, e.g., the image so many people have of HRC is unshakable no matter how many times the image is refuted by people who know her best. I just despise how powerful the media is, and I guess I must also lay the blame on the apathetic general population who think what they are told.

What amazes me precisely is this: Before HRC broke her elbow, almost all talking heads touted the job she is doing as SOS as "tremendous", "fantastic", "a rock star", etc...but all of a sudden, she is marginialized, she is a "small" voice, she is pushed aside?!?! Give me a freakin' break!!!! pun intended.

I personally wouldn't be a bit surprised if BO tried to marginialize her, afterall, I followed the primaries very closely, but having said that, I just resent the 360 degree turn the msm have made, and how everyone is jumping on the proverbial bandwagon.

Stacy said...

Hillary is in India right now giving press conferences, TV interviews, touring farms and "green" buildings, giving mini-speeches, mtg with business leaders, etc. But do you think CNN has a front-page story about it? No. The media has covered her trip but they haven't *highlighted* it in the way they should have, given THEY are the ones trying to claim Hillary has no visibility and diminished looks to me like THEY are the reason she has diminished visibility [if in fact she does]. Who is stopping any one of them from interviewing her over in India?

At least Greta Van Susteren is going to interview her in India tomorrow night on her program!

Anonymous said...

Greta's husband was an HRC supporter during the primary. He was one of those so angry about the way she was treated, he claimed to have voted for McCain. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Greta was fond of HRC as well. Good for her for traveling to India to do the interview. Greta mentioned that being SOS required great stamina, and she went on to say HRC was conducting all these meetings with a very painful elbow. Poor Hil...I know it must be beyond tough.

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