Sunday, July 26, 2009

Live blogging Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press

Ready Set Go! Live blogging Hillary Clinton's Interview with David Gregory on Meet the Press:

9:02: Pantsuit looking good. Cream tweed with gold necklace. But the hair: FLAWLESS!

On North Korea, Hillary laughs at North Koreas remarks. Says, "North Korea must change their behavior... They've engaged in a lot of provocative actions over the last few months... It's not gonna work this time."

"They are blaming us for everything that has ever gone wrong with North Korea... They dont have any friends left..." She's laying down the law! I love when our SOS gets tough.

Question: Is North Korea a threat to us? Hillary basically says no but they ARE a threat to our allies.

Basically, China. We dont want NK to attack China.

Now they are on Iran. "If they persued nuclear weapons, our country believes that as a matter of policy, it is unacceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons... My view is you prepare for the worst, you hope for the best"

To Iran: "Your pursuit is futile... You have rights and responsibilities."

Hmmm... I miss Tim Russert. David Gregory is too soft for Meet the Press.

Ah, here's a good question. In regards to Iran, is is wrong for us to tell a democratic country what to do?

"We have negotiated with many countries that we dont always believe in... Thats what you do in diplomacy... We hope better of the Iranian people... yet we also know the leader will be making decisions that will affect the region and the world."

Ut-Oh. Another quote from Biden. I get nervous every time they quote Biden!

Shes gotta back track all his statements. Loose lips Biden. hehe.... "Weeeellll, what he MEANT to say was...."

Gregory states: Afghanistan: deadliest month of the war.

So, is this a war of necessity?

"The policy that was in Afghanistan WAS NOT WORKING... We know those who threatened the US have not been brought to justice, killed or captured."

"We've learned from Iraq. Which were hard lessons." No Doubt, Hills.

Up Next, after the break, the BIG QUESTION! "Will we ever see you as President of the United States?"

9:29 Awwww... he asked about her elbow.

“There are certain moves that I can make, but there are others that are still kind of painful... But I do my physical therapy — that was what everybody told me I had to do.”

Ok here we go with some good drama over the special envoys and all the media reports of her being overshadowed. Show them whats up, Hillary!

"I am the chief diplomat. I am responsible for reporting to the president."

On the relationship with Obama: "We have an incredibly candid and open exchange."

She and Obama are likethis. I wonder what she really thinks about being asked questions about the campaign. She handles it so well. You can tell she really just wants to do her job.


"The system is so dysfunctional... I applaud the POTUS for taking it on right off the bat. He's wading right into it... Ive been there, I know how hard it is!"

"Now everyone knows its a problem. Back in '93 we had to keep making the case that there WAS a problem..."

I love hearing her talk healthcare. She is SO flipping smart about EVERYTHING. What hasnt Hillary done, what doesnt she know? I hope Obama gets heathcare through and I hope history will remember always the good fight she put up over 15 years ago.

Gregory: Has POTUS sought for advice on healthcare?

"We talk about everything. I have a rule that I dont talk about what I talk about with Presidents. Even my husband! But I am available to talk to the President about anything."

Cut to commercial. What? Another break? Where is the question about her running again!? Even though I think I know the answer...

Topic of women in leadership:

Whats is gonna take for a woman to become POTUS?

"Its gonna take the right woman."

If Hillary can't do it, no one can.


Good response Hill. It IS up to the voters.

haha I love this: On Palin being POTUS: "I hope its a DEMOCRATIC woman."

Will you run for President again?

"I have absolutely no belief in my mind that that is going to happen... No, Never."

I think we all know that means, "No, coughcoughyescoughNever." At least we are all hoping, thats what she means.

Do you still think about the campaign: "Not really. Obviously it provokes emotions, but Ive moved on."

Great response, Hillary. We ALL feel that way!

9:59 Just ended, but wait! There's a Take Two with extra questions online! Posted that below:

WOW. Great interview! Poised, thoughtful, intelligent, as always. Went by too quick, but so glad she is out there taking interviews and struttin her stuff as SOS.

Read the full transcript here or watch the full interview from MSNBC:


Nancy in Cali said...

I have it taped on my DVR will watcher later. Boy I hope she runs in 2016 - I've got my heart set on that. She simply HAS TO be our First Woman President, not Palin, not Pelosi (who I think secretly wants it and that's why she dissed Hillary in the primary) - but HILLARY.

Alinosof said...

Yes, Clinton gave a convincing performance as we've come to expect from her. Gregory is not sharp on follow up that's true. However, I don't miss Tim Russert (RIP) or his kind of journalism always motivated by his personal agenda.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Sarah Palin advancing women to the post of the Presidency. If she gets it, then I'll be happy for her. If Hillary decides to run, and wins, then I'll be happy for her, too. Sarah has put up with the same nasty shiite that Hillary has put up with, and I would love to see either one win in spite of what has been done to both of them. Sarah Palin may not be your "cup of tea", but she is a capable female who may just be what is needed to shake this country up a bit.

A Democratic Male

Stacy said...

Hillary did a great job and I really thought she articulated the purpose of the special envoys, in a way that made TOTAL sense! There is simply no way for her to personally attend to every single little detail and at the end of the day, she is in charge of all the envoys and she still travels to all the hot spots. Hopefully now the "clinton's power is diluted by special envoys' talk will die a long over-due death!

Sarah said...

thanks for the comments guys. really great insight on HRC's performance.

and to the democratic male: yes, Sarah Palin is definitely NOT my cup of tea. but thanks for your insight. I just want to address what you said...

I guess one of the major problems I have with Palin, especially with people thinking she is capable of being the President of the most powerful country in the world is that she couldnt handle the scrutiny that she got in the press.

All politicians are scrutinized and held under a microscope on every little detail. That is the name of the game. I am not saying that the media WASNT sexist toward her. HRC is the perfect example. She is an ironclad politician and woman. Nothing will effect her or stop her from doing her job. Unlike Palin.

If she is elected as President (which I really dont even think would happen) she cant step down from office because the media is scrutinizing her.

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