Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hungry? Have a Hillary Platter!

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton shops at Dilli Haat, New Delhi, India July 19. Dilli Haat is a combination food plaza and craft bazaar located in the heart of Delhi. Dilli Haat has stalls representing each state of India, giving a complete variety of tastes available all over India. There are also stalls of crafts from all over India, and from a variety of cultural traditions of India.

After the shopping trip Hillary visited her favorite hangout in India, the restaurant Bukhara. Bukhara is regarded as the finest in India, if not one of the best in Asia. The spot in the ITC Maurya hotel is known for its mouth-watering kabobs, perfectly cooked over spits in view of the patrons.

The Clintons ate at Bukhara in 2000 and the restaurant created a special Bill Clinton "presidential" platter in honor of his visit. There is also a "Chelsea Platter," which is a vegetarian dish. And now it seems that Hillary got her own platter too! The "Hillary Platter"! And she seems to love the idea!

"I hope someday to have my own dish! I would like that very much."
The "Hillary Platter" consists of what the chef prepared for her that Sunday night, a special selection of eight dishes, plus naan bread and a desert of kulfi, a tasty Indian ice cream. Yum!

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