Friday, July 10, 2009

Hope for a New Hillary Clinton

Due to a scheduling conflict, Julianne Moore, the acress tapped to play Hillary Clinton in the upcoming HBO movie Special Relationship, has pulled out of the project. Actress Hope Davis has taken her place.

This isn't the only drama surrounding this film. Last month, Peter Morgan pulled out of directing the film. Rumors were flying anxieties about his own relationship with the perfectionist Michael Sheen, who will play Blair.

So how one plan to portray a character like Hillary Clinton? Through lots of audio tapes, lots of books, a trusty wig (and if we were to fast forward in time a bit, a closet FULL of pantsuits!).

"With something like this, you can't spend all your time worrying about what you sound like, that you're not doing the storytelling part," Davis told Entertainment Weekly. "That has to come first."

Entertainment Weekly notes that while the movie refers to the "special relationship" between two heads of state, U.S. President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the film also imagines what went on behind closed doors between the Clintons during the Lewinsky affair. And apparently it's something that Davis can relate to.

"Almost every woman in the world has been in that position -- it was a long time ago in my life -- where the person that you trusted looks at you and says, 'I have an admission to make.' It's a moment we've all lived through."

Davis will be flying to London on Sunday to meet the rest of the cast and to do a script read-through. Production will begin July 20 and Davis will join the cast in the beginning of August.

In my opinion, I think she looks more like Hillary Clinton at first glance than Julianne Moore. However, I am not at all familiar with her acting style, her voice or demeanor. I am a bit more familiar with Julianne Moore's acting style and I think she can portray the power and strength of Hillary very well... Hmmm... So what do you guys think, who would play Hillary better, the first Hillary Clinton cast, Julianne Moore, or the second cast, Hope Davis?

Who makes a better Hillary circa 1998?


Sarah Ferguson said...

Jessica Lange would have been my pic.

Jackie said...

How about Emma Thonpson ? She did a great job in Primary Colors.

Jackie said...

Oop's, I meant Thompson.

Stacy said...

I don't mean to be the ant at the picnic but I'd really not see anyone play hillary- I just can't see this movie being any good and I can't help but wonder what Hillary, Bill and Chelsea think. I guess I should keep an open mind, but...

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